Next to our logo marks our typefaces, Figtree and Adobe Garamond Pro, play the biggest role in establishing our brand look. Figtree is a readily available Google Font. If you have any issues or questions about installing Figtree , or to install the Garamond Pro typeface, contact Information Services for assistance.

Typography Usage & Rules

  • Figtree is the primary typeface used to typeset most copy.
  • Garamond is a secondary typeface and is primarily reserved for formal collateral such as convocational material and communications from the President’s Office. In everyday communications it can be juxtaposed with Figtree to create another level of information hierarchy. For example, to help call attention to our student and faculty voices in marketing material we often use Adobe Garamond Pro Regular to typeset quotes and callouts.
  • Archer and Caveat are supplemental typefaces used to add visual character to specific copy such as headlines and pullquotes.
  • Try to avoid setting large amounts of copy in all uppercase letters, as this decreases readability.
  • Do not add effects, such as dropshadows or blurs, to headlines or body copy. Likewise, when scaling up a section of copy you should use the same increment or percentage on both the x and y axis, not doing so will distort the typeface.


Figtree is the College’s primary typeface and should be used the majority of the time. It’s a large family with many weights that should be used strategically to create hierarchy among information on the page.

Adobe Garamond Pro

A customized version of Adobe Garamond Pro was used to create the Champlain College wordmark. This small type family is also used as the College’s of official secondary typeface, though it’s primarily reserved for use in formal communications.


Used as a supplementary or tertiary typeface, Archer compliments the clean lines and smooth edges of Figtree. It should be used for display purposes as an engaging headline or a pull-quote.


Another tertiary or supplementary option, Caveat is Champlain College’s official hand-written typeface, used to add a personal voice to the brand. It should be used sparingly.

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