Photography helps us tell the story of the Champlain College experience to perspective students. From a brand prospective we try to capture photos that will feel positive, energetic and engaging for the viewer. It’s important that new photography be consistent with our established photo look and versatile enough to be used in a variety of formats. Please see the Photography Guidelines below for general direction.

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Photography Guidelines

  • With the exception of portraits, our photography should feel candid, photojournalistic or documentary in style. Natural lighting is preferred. Please shoot in both horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • When appropriate try to include visual context of Champlain College through elements such as iconic campus architecture, views, or branded apparel and merchandise.
  • Photography should not be overly stylized or hyperreal. Do not apply filters, effects, vignettes or borders in postproduction. Try to avoid taking photos with extreme and unnatural angles or foreshortened subjects.
  • Photos should be color-corrected and saved as a high-resolution tiff, .psd, or uncompressed .jpg. High-resolution for printed material can be defined as 300ppi with the long edge of the photo measuring at least 4200px (14 inches). Most high-res photos will be at least 6mb when saved as a .jpg file format.
  • No noise, artifacts, distortion, or moiré should be visible. Please be mindful of this when photographing indoors or with a high ISO.
  • Individuals who will be recognizable in a photo once it is produced should sign a Consent and Release form.
students at a table watch the professor write on a white board
professor speaks to a group of seated students
Students professionally speaking together around a table

Our Photo Library

The Marketing Office has built a database of images for use online and in our printed communication material. These images have been organized by photographer and keyworded using specific search terms (also known as a controlled vocabulary). This collection can be accessed using your staff sign-in. In order to help your search, please familiarize yourself with the designated search terms (keywords) in this spreadsheet. Please note that the photographers we contract often retain creative rights to their photos. The photographer, and the subjects in the photos have given their permission for the photos to be used solely for promoting the school. If you have a question about usage please contact us.

Request Custom Photography

If there is a photographic opportunity that you think we should be aware of or if you have a need for a professional photographer to cover an event, our department can help arrange this for you.

In general, we need at least two week’s notice for small photo shoots that you have prearranged and up to four weeks for our department to make arrangements for more complicated, multi-location day shoots (especially in the summer, spring and fall when local photographers are the most busy).

Request a Photography Project

Submitted Photography

If you are a student or a staff member who has taken a photo you think we may be interested in using, please make sure you’ve gotten written permission from the subjects in the photo using this Consent and Release form.

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