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From student life to news and events, sharing information has never been more accessible. Through multiple social media platforms, we connect Champlain College with a variety of audiences, from students and parents to business owners and thought leaders.

Our team manages the official Champlain College social media accounts.

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Champlain College Social Media Accounts

Social Media Guidelines

Social media is a powerful tool that can bring many benefits. However, it also carries risks, both personal and institutional. At Champlain, we are committed to promoting free and open expression by supporting faculty and students in using social media to connect and accelerate teaching and learning. Sharing information is a fundamental principle of higher education, and the barriers to sharing have never been lower. But with this openness comes the need to know exactly what to share and with whom, as well as what not to share.


  1. Use of social media must comply with all applicable College policies, guidelines, and regulations. These include, but are not limited to Student Code of Conduct, People Center policies, Administration and Finance policies, and Information Services standards and procedures.
  2. All use of technology resources must comply with the Information Services Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. Users may not post confidential information about the College, its faculty, staff, or students.
  4. Posting content on social media sites on behalf of the College requires specific approval.
  5. All social media accounts created on behalf of the College must be linked to a departmental administrative or resource email account, never a personal email account. More than one College employee must have administrative access to the account.

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