Employee Shout-Outs

A simple gesture can brighten up someone's day. Giving a shout-out is a great way to recognize your peers for their work, talent, and living our institutional values, and to contribute to a culture of appreciation, community, and kindness.

Shout-outs will be updated regularly as they come in. Send in your own shout-out!

March Shout-Outs

  • Megan Everts: For always providing sweet treats to the campus community!
  • Jennifer Gingras-Green, Abraham Rogers, and Darrin Pillsbury: Thank you to Jenn, Abe, and Darrin for their prompt assistance with a new office door lock! Additional thanks to Jenn for separate assistance with a malfunctioning classroom door!
  • Champ Support: A big thanks to the Champ Support crew for their prompt assistance in setting up the new ITS adjunct office!
  • Jean-Marie Severance, Kellie Nadeau, and Carrie Honeman: A huge shout out to Jean-Marie, Kellie, and Carrie for their help wrangling the temperamental Joyce copier!
  • Susannah Eriksson: Susannah always gives stellar support in ITS, but she recently went far above and beyond in facilitating the ITS adjunct office move on short notice! The ITS Division truly would not function without her!
  • Housing & Res Life: Thank you to Housing & Res Life for managing student housing applications. This is a busy time of year as we approach fall housing selection. Your work is important, and certainly not easy! Thank you for supporting students.
  • Kyra Yu: THANK YOU Kyra for being one of the hardest workers on this campus and always doing it with a smile and stellar attitude. Last minute room flips ... no problem! Incorrect room flips .. no problem! Room availability ... no problem! Double booking ... no problem! Lost items .. no problem! Get where we're going here? You name it and Kyra is out there working like crazy to help meet our needs on a daily basis. Kudos to you Kyra ... and thank you from the Core Division!
  • Sage King: Finishing the staff migration to Zoom Phone and going the extra mile in doing so.
  • Susan Adkins, Librarian Extraordinaire: If there were a prize for the hardest-working and funniest, most self-deprecating librarian, it would go to Susan Adkins. Susan has had many roles over the years at the Library, and in every single one, she has put people at the center. Colleagues, student workers, students, and community members all come first with Susan. She loves to help people, and she loves a good puzzle. Shout out to Susan for being the G.O.A.T. today and every day.
  • Lori Berthiaume: Thank you so much for being such a delight on campus. You always have a smile and are an amazing co-worker.
  • Jennifer Gingras-Green: Thank you so much for your assistance the other day. It was such a reassurance knowing you were there to help us in our time of need. You rock and keep up the great work.
  • Tara Arneson: Thank you so much for your assistance in our recent time of trouble. It is great knowing we have an awesome team of support around us.
  • Nicholas Szumowski, Kaitie Catanie, Amanda Anderson, Danni Johnson, Alyssa Fabrizio: For their ROLES in the import project. Their AREAS OF EXPERTISE and MAJOR contribution of time made it possible. I will not HIDE my gratitude. Therefore, I bestow this DISTINCTION nay AWARD in this fine PUBLICATION to SHOW my appreciation even if it may seem ABSTRACT to some (and is definitely not within 100 characters or less). IYKYK
  • Anne Allen and Susan Paquette: A massive shout out and heartfelt thank you to Anne and Susan for their incredible dedication and hard work on production and quality control for our online courses. Their attention to detail, tireless efforts, and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in ensuring that our courses meet the highest standards. The value they bring to our students is immeasurable, as their work directly impacts the learning experience and success of those who take our courses.
  • Alex, Kevin, and the Staff Networking Committee: Thank you for organizing a fun, festive, and cozy share the love and leap year event! It absolutely made my day.
  • Danielle L'Esperance: Thank you for making ADORABLE frog cupcakes for your colleagues! You are so generous and kind.
  • Cullen Bostock: Thank you Cullen for courageously jumping into the scary world of Financial Aid reporting. Without your help we would not have been able to submit our IPEDS Financial Aid component and provide other Financial Aid stats to various areas. Thank you for filling in that gap so graciously!

February Shout-Outs

  • Carrie Honeman and Leslie Van Wagner: A huge shoutout and thank you to Carrie and Leslie for their leadership of the Staff Welfare Committee. It's been a busy month for the committee, and Carrie and Leslie are always thoughtful and principled in their leadership, making sure to include all voices and getting things done!
  • Sarah Moore: A big thank you to Sarah for giving a wonderful presentation on resume writing for student workers in the MIC, and for giving such great answers to all the questions!
  • Melissa Rosenberg: Thank you for being amazing. We are so blessed to have you with us.
  • Melina Del Castillo: Thank you for all your help with the Day of Thanks video shoot. We are so grateful.
  • Tyler Dion: Thank you for helping with the Day of Thanks Video. We appreciate you!
  • April Mentzer, Skip Harris, Adrienne Phillips: A huge shout-out to April for crafting and guiding a debrief and reflection for the Library and SMART Space student workers after they completed the Kognito training. We're so grateful to you, April! And thank you for Skip and Adrienne for guiding the small group discussions. The students are so lucky to have such a kind and thoughtful counseling center team to support them!
  • Katie Mumbauer: Katie your sense of humor coupled with your ability to dive in and work through a time consuming and tedious process of getting things ready for 2024/25 financial aid year has kept me motivated and moving forward. Thank you for patiently listening to me "think" out loud! Couldn't ask for a better teammate to work through this process especially when it is already mid February and we still don't know what the final federal update will be!!
  • Jimena Huaco: Congratulations to Jimena Huaco for completing the both College Fact Book and the IPEDS winter submission this month. (Look for the Fact Book on the College website to find out everything you need to know--almost--about Champlain!) Jimena does amazing work as our resident Institutional Research expert and IPEDS Key Holder. Being an institution's IPEDS Key Holder is a huge responsibility and is vital to the College. So, when you see her, thank Jimena for helping keep us in compliance with the Feds!
  • Rachel Lavallee: When I think of Champlain employees who quietly triage, manage, and resolve varied and vast concerns and challenges throughout their work, I think of Rachel Lavallee. Rachel is an indispensable part of the Student Affairs team with her knowledge of how to get things done, a memory that helps keep so many others on track, matched with a humble demeanor that is rare for someone who is so effective, friendly, efficient, and thoughtful in their work. Student Affairs, and Champlain, are better because of Rachel and hopefully she enjoys this small bit of gratitude; thanks Rachel!
  • Sage King: Throughout the process of transitioning the Library phone lines to zoom phone, Sage has been helpful, accommodating, and super responsive. Thank you, Sage!
  • Joseph Conti: Thank you to Joey for his outstanding and reliable help in getting faculty offices moved around just as the semester started. I can always count on Physical Plant to get the job done and I remain grateful.
  • Jason Trahan: Many thanks to Jason Trahan in Marketing for his beautiful redesign of the CCM Honors Poster. I'm so proud to hang this in our hallways.
  • Champlain College Public Safety, and Melissa McDuffie: Thank you so much to Public Safety for their quick response to a distress call by a community member. Thank you so much to Melissa McDuffie for covering a community member with warm blankets during the short wait for the arrival of Public Safety.
  • Sarah Camille Wilson: Sarah Camille can always be counted on for support and troubleshooting. Her willingness to help make everyone's life easier is much appreciated!
  • Susannah Eriksson, Annika Hawkins-Hilke, Jean-Marie Severance, Cory Davis, Colette Penniello, Michelle Holtkamp, Josh Blumberg, Kellie Nadeau, Pat Boera, Holly Francis, Ptarmigan Abbott, Susan Adkins, Natasha Murray: Thank you for volunteering at the Lemonade Stand the first week of the spring semester. Your enthusiasm for our students is truly inspiring!
  • James Gebo: A big thank you to James for coming to the rescue at the library when campus was closed on MLK day!

January Shout-Outs

  • Kim Moran: Kim is such a delight to work with! Today I had a whole slew of questions around different aspects of student hiring and budgeting, and a rush hiring request. Kim talked through everything with me with patience and kindness, and she asked great questions to bring issues I wasn't aware to my attention, and made sure those issues were resolved. Thank you, Kim!
  • Donna Swartwout: Thank you to Donna for assisting the Office of Accessibility as we begin the spring semester. Your work and outreach to students is greatly appreciated!
  • Zach Harrison and David Boyle: Thank you to Zach Harrison and David Boyle who shoveled snow outside and around Skiff Hall on Monday morning. Many of the Physical Plant staff were out sick and these two folks saw a need and picked up a shovel and got to work. Thank you for your efforts!
  • Matt Farnham and Josh Corrow: Thank you Matt and Josh for helping to put up and take down holiday decorations at Sears Lane! We had a festive office and I greatly appreciate you!
  • John Earp: John is extremely helpful and responsive with special requests for new hires and e-mail account creation. When special circumstances arise, and even if he isn't the "point person," he always responds quickly and will direct me to the right person. During heavy hiring periods, it is good to know that someone is on the other end ready and willing to help in whatever way he can. Thank you, John, for all that you do!
  • Ed Schlak: Even with the hundreds of packages that flow through the mail room on a daily basis, Ed did not hesitate to help me with a special request. Thank you, Ed!
  • Professor Mike Kelly & Professor Brian Hall: Thank you so much for acting in the SMART Space's new film cliips! We really appreciate you partnering with us to create these tips and tricks. We can't wait to see them during Student Success Week in January.

December Shout-Outs

  • Bridget Calacci & Sarah McMaster: We want to thank and congratulate you on the creation of a curriculum document that captures the design, review, and final approval process. It's a daunting task, and you've done a magnificent job of collaborating with others and identifying potential challenges. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. I really appreciate your dedication to our team.
  • Liza Geduldig & the Gang: No one plans a party like Liza plans a party! Huge thanks to Liza for planning a most bodacious holiday bash and to her wicked rad gang of party assistants, including Christine Koogle, Danielle L'Esperance, Lisa Mazzariello, Kyra Yu, Kelsey O'Connor and Bruce Bovat for their assistance turning back time in the Champlain Room. Y'all are totally radical!
  • Emily Merrill: Thank you for all of your hard work and support to our students and their families who need you the most this time of year. Your kindness and work ethic do not go unnoticed.
  • Susannah Eriksson, Miriam Horne, Linda Goodrum, April Mentzer, Hannah Marton, Megan Everts, Liza Geduldig, Kelsey O'Connor, Lauren Bruneau, Sarah Camille Wilson, Kyra Yu, Carrie Honeman, Pat Boera, Susan Adkins, Natasha Murray, Alex Martin: Thank you so much for participating in the Finals Week Lemonade Stand. The impact on our students is very impactful!
  • Emily Merrill: As the Student Resource and Single Parents Program Coordinator, Emily understandably operates "behind-the-scenes" in supporting students challenged with food, shelter, and financial insecurities. Her compassion and dedication is unparalleled and does not go unnoticed! Because of her extraordinary support for many of our students, they have persevered and accomplished much.
  • Elizabeth Scott: Being a great colleague and all your hard work in helping to get the calendar year end mailings out! You are the best.
  • Rachel Lavallee, Donna Swartwout, Raelyn Gladstone: A huge thank you to our amazing team for supporting students with extended test time and reduced distraction accommodations during finals week. The team hosted almost 40 exams! Our students are grateful for you! Also a note of appreciation for everyone who has shared their office spaces in order to accommodate students. Thank you!
  • Tara Arneson: Graduating from EAB's Higher Education Leaders Fellowship in December 2023! Congratulations Tara!
  • Kaitie Catania: Full of inspiration and big ideas, Kaitie is your go-to person when you need a pick-me-up. She's not only great at her job as a content producer/manager, but a top-notch human being as well. She's got you covered online and in print--AND she'll lift you up as a person while she does it. Thank you, Kaitie, for all you do for me and for our team. You are seen and loved!
  • Sarah Camille Wilson, Natasha Murray, Ben Lane, Michael Angel, Celia Russell, Susan Adkins: For being a fantastic team and for their support and assistance in making the Library's 10th Annual Local History Event a huge success.
  • Amanda Anderson: A motivated individual, you'll never find Amanda sitting still. She's always looking for ways to contribute to the team's and to the College's success. Always digging, she's an information hound. She began her time at Champlain as a content producer, but because of her excellent organizational skills, she was quickly handed the keys to project coordination. If you've had the privilege of working with her, lucky you. Thank you, Amanda, for all you do. You are seen, recognized and appreciated! You've done so much already in your short career and will do so much more!
  • Jason Trahan: Fairly new to the working world, Jason is a huge asset to our team. Whether it's reorganizing and bending Image Relay to his will or designing a quick postcard, Jason is always ready to jump in and do his best. On top of it all, he started his job during a major website rebuild and has been incredibly valuable at making it come to life. Thank you, Jason, for all you do. You are seen, recognized and appreciated! You are going to go far!
  • Joseph Conti: No elevator, no problem?! Joey played a huge part in getting the 20 dance floor panels from the CCM lower level basement to the Champlain room. Now the dance floor is ready to be set up for the Champlain Holiday Party. Thank you Joey!!
  • Sarah Camille Wilson: Thank you to Sarah Camille and team for all your support with the Stiller School of Business Fall Capstone Event that took place in the library. Sarah Camille was so helpful in answering numerous questions leading up to the event, including flexibility with a couple last minute pivots, and orchestrating set-up to best suit our needs. She also went the extra mile the afternoon of, pulling out the Hoover to ensure one of the spaces was sparkling clean and inviting to all guests. Thank you for being such a gracious host and tremendous partner!

November Shout-Outs

  • Diana Clayton: Diana has been a wonderful addition to the campus community. Diana brings a warm spirit, creative ideas and a can-do attitude. Thank you Diana!
  • Debra Heint:  Thank you for lending me your copy of the textbook! You went above and beyond and the Champlain community is so lucky to have you
  • Casey Maynes: Thank you for being amazing! It is always reassuring to know that you are just across the hall in times of need.
  • Danielle L'Esperance: Shout-out to Danielle for being a great colleague who is always willing to help! Danielle is such an asset to students and their families.
  • Emily Rudolph, Kevin Donahue, Leah Miller, Adnane Adossama, Emily Hayes, Stephanie McConnell, Stella Santos, Marcelle Langan, Danielle L'Esperance, and Kimberly Rojas Cepeda: Kudos to the admissions team and volunteers who dedicated their time to travel to CT, MA, NH, and NY, meeting students in the early morning hours. They then boarded a chartered bus, bringing these students to campus and ensuring a safe return in the evening. Thanks to the tireless efforts of these individuals, many students who might not have had the chance to visit our campus were able to do so. This event was made possible by their commitment and hard work.
  • Jennifer Stockwell, Pam Crowley, Matt Stattel, and Amy Eastman: Wow! This team had a remarkable registration period where 96% of our current students were registered by Monday, 11/13. This is no small feat and this team did some unbelievable work to get our current students registered. They have worked tirelessly to support academic divisions and students during this registration cycle and should be commended for their tremendous efforts. Well done!
  • Jessa Karki: Congratulations to Jessa Karki for coordinating International Education Week last week. The kick-off event, Nations United, on Friday, Nov. 3 was an evening of learning about shared experiences from facutly, staff, students and guests. Thank you, Jessa, for creating opportunities for our community to learn from each other!
  • Amanda Anderson, Marcelle Langan, Jason Trahan, and Sherry White: Made ya look! :p
  • Melissa McElhill: Thank you for your amazing attitude, willingness to ask great questions, and "hit the ground running" first month at Champlain College! We are thrilled that you are part of the team.
  • Sage King: Sage is the best! Always so helpful and patient, he is efficient and also fun to talk to. Makes having technical issues not awful. Thanks Sage!
  • Laura Ennis: Laura goes above and beyond to assist the Champlain student population! She is hardworking, thoughtful, and does not miss an opportunity to share her wealth of knowledge. We are so lucky to have her on team Champlain!
  • John Angelos, Ryan Crowley, Josh Corrow: Thank you, thank you, thank you to John, Ryan and Josh for helping to move a LOT of heavy boxes ... on a windy and rainy morning ... in order to help with an office move. These guys do all the heavy lifting without complaining and with a smile on their faces! Please know we are always grateful for you; especially when we don't always let you know. Our Physical Plant team ROCKS!!
  • Leslie Van Wagner: Congratulations to Leslie Van Wagner for implementing another amazing conference in her role as President of the Learning Assistance association of New England this week. This student success conference brought together 120 professionals from a variety of institutions of higher ed. As always, Leslie managed every detail to perfection and it was an inspirational and educational day for all involved!
  • Mary Still and Shaylea Scribner: Mary and Shaylea and the whole Advancement team did an awesome job planning and executing on Champlain Weekend! Thank you for all of your efforts, it was a truly special weekend full of reasons to celebrate our Champlain community!!!

October Shout-Outs

  • Megan Everts: Megan is always willing to be flexible to accommodate the needs of colleagues and students, and always with an infectious smile and a kind and caring word!
  • Beth Dietrich: Shoutout to Beth for being bossy in the BEST possible way and for always looking out for her colleagues!
  • Molly Pepper: I would like to recognize Molly for always being so incredibly helpful to every student and with each inquiry sent her way. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed!
  • Marelyn Saam, Nathaniel Orvis, Colette Penniello, Danielle L'Esperance: I love walking through Compass because everyone is so friendly and kind!
  • Roland Palmer: Roland was instrumental in the data analysis from the recent CCO alumni survey. Thank you so much for your expertise and support in helping us understand the valuable feedback from Champlain College Online graduates!
  • Sami Kassel: A huge thank you to Sami for her support of the CCO admissions operations team during a time of transition and training. We really appreciate your patience, support, and help to get the new team members up and running! THANK YOU
  • Michael Angel: HUGE thank you to Michael for working straight through the weekend to keep the library open when a colleague was out unexpectedly!

September Shout-Outs

  • Conor O'Brien: One of the most thoughtful people on campus. Always willing to share his experience and expertise and offer help without being asked. Thank you, Conor!!!
  • Elaine Young: Thank you for supporting our eLearning team with your amazing leadership skills. You have already provided great perspectives that will help our systems improve! You are going above and beyond to take on this leadership role while also wearing your PD hat.
  • Carrie Honeman: Carrie is such a wonderful, caring colleague. Even in this moment when everyone is so busy, when I asked for some help she cheerfully and kindly raised her hand! Thank you, Carrie!
  • Sarah Camille Wilson: For Sarah's steady and reliable competence in finding materials requested in the Interlibrary Loan ILL system, a resource that gives the Champlain community access to many millions of books (no hyperbole here) not found on our campus. No matter how obscure a request may be, Sarah figures out a way to find it and gracefully pass it on -- with no carrying on about it. Thank you, Sarah!
  • Kellie Nadeau: Even if what you need is not part of Kellie's job, she will always help, she always knows the needed info, and she is always so gracious and kind!
  • Susannah Eriksson, Elin Melchior, Lauren Bruneau, Kellie Nadeau, Ezra Demers, Carrie Honeman, Linda Goodrum, Jessica Allard, Martha Moreno Linares, Elaine O'Reilly, Pat Boera, Cory Davis, Tara Arneson, Megan Everts, Sarah Camille Wilson, Leandre Waldo, Ptarmigan Abbott, Kyra Yu, Eliana Fox, Holly Francis, Kerry Shackett, Jenn Stockwell, Anthony Rivers: Lemonade Stand Volunteers, THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for engaging with our students during the first two weeks of classes. Offering a friendly smile, welcoming message, answers to questions they didn't know they had, toys, candy and of course, lemonade. You have made our students feel welcome and ready for the new adventure!
  • Erin Ferrrara: Helping students navigate through the Title IX process is always difficult. I feel that the process has added some extremely important steps and will be much more helpful and comforting to our students. Thank you Erin.

August Shout-Outs

  • Leah Miller, Emily Hayes, Jennifer Stockwell, John Lanzetta, Katie Chuck: Amazing work by Katie, Leah, Emily H, Jenn and John bringing in our transfer students this fall. Thank you for coordinating and communicating with each other. It made a difference! Your efforts are appreciated.
  • Kelsey O'Connor: Kelsey did an outstanding job finalizing housing assignments for so many returning and readmitted students during the month of August. Making sure students were assigned housing, in spaces where they will thrive, was no easy feat. Thank you Kelsey for the care and dedication you have for our students!
  • Jonathan Ferguson: For co-installing the art gallery exhibition "Push Start" and making it a huge success and student and faculty favorite!
  • Jennifer Gingras-Green: Thank you for always being such a kind and caring soul. Always there to help when we need it.
  • Tara Arneson and the staff in her office: Over the summer, the registrar's office went above and beyond to assist CCO with the rollout of new degree programs and updates to the general education curriculum. The hard work and dedication of Tara and her staff to support the many and frequently time-sensitive efforts of CCO are truly appreciated! Thank you!
  • Housing & Res Life: Housing & Res Life does extraordinary work moving students in during first year orientation and welcoming back returning students. Thank you for all your efforts, from the late night calls to the nonstop emails, from parent conversations to the 1:1 student check-ins, your work does not go unnoticed. THANK YOU!
  • Kellie Nadeau: Kellie was the MVP of New Faculty Orientation! She was absolutely essential to making the event happen. Thank you, Kellie!
  • Alex Martin: For helping organize, clean, and transform the activities closet; and helping set up the community t-shirt giveaway! Thank you, Alex!!
  • AC Juliana, AC Joshua, AC Fay, & AC Jordan: Our Area Coordinators - Juliana, Joshua, Fay, & Jordan - just spent 10 long days facilitating Resident Advisor training. These 4 bring so much knowledge, experience, and care into training, and because of this, we have an absolutely ROCKSTAR team of student leaders in our residence halls for the 2023-2024 year.
  • Kaitlin Catania: You're doing GREAT!!
  • Celia Russell and Michael Angel: Processing the print textbooks available through the library for our students to access FREE textbooks this semester in the library.
  • Linda Goodrum, Jean Marie Severance, Megan Everts, Susannah Eriksson, and Ptarmigan Abbott: Thank you for your collaboration to help the library provide students access to FREE required textbooks. This would not be possible without all of you!
  • Elaine O'Reilly: Transfer students are lucky to have you. Transfer Connection Club rocks!
  • Cooper Fellows: On a recurring weekly basis, we can always count on Cooper to walk us through complex issues with competency and foresight. He continuously approaches questions and issues with a focus on improving student experience and has the ability to explain technological concepts in a way that all of his colleagues without IS training can comprehend. I appreciate learning something from Cooper every time I engage with him. Thank you for being such a rock star Cooper!
  • Sarah McMaster: Sarah did an absolutely AMAZING job walking the teams through a long and complex roll out of a new enrollment vendor. She kept the team focused on the tasks, and worked collaboratively with teams across the college for a smooth roll out. All the while, kept a smile on her face and the spirits of the team high. I am grateful for such a thoughtful and positive leader in our dept. Thank you, Sarah!
  • Christine Koogle: You ROCK!!!

July Shout-Outs

  • Jillian Comeau: Jillian has been a champ through the transitions happening in the Financial Aid Office recently. She has taken on much more work to keep the team running smoothly. On top of that, she is filling in for a colleague in a related role that she used to hold! She is calm, collected, organized, and one of the most helpful people I have had the pleasure to work with. Three cheers for Jillian!
  • Molly Pepper: Molly is an amazing advocate for our students and families. She is organized, thorough, and highly responsive. Without Molly's support, my job would be a lot more difficult! Keep up the great work. You are appreciated!
  • Nathaniel Orvis: Nathaniel is always so eager and willing to help. It doesn't matter who is in need (employees, students, parents) or what they ask, he does everything he can to support them. He is upbeat, friendly, and an all-around great colleague!
  • Raelyn Gladstone: Welcome to the team, Raelyn! We are so happy to have you at Champlain!
  • Sherry White: Sherry is a year-round POWERHOUSE. While great numbers of our wonderful community are off for the summer, there are plenty of us working hard to ensure that for the next semester, next enrollment cycle, and the future in general all is well. Sherry White, the College's web manager, is one of those folks who is working super (duper) hard this summer. She is managing our current website and is a part of a small team leading the new website work. Yesterday (an extra steamy day in July), her first meeting was at 8:30am. At 8:30pm, she was still working. Not only does she put in the time, BUT ALSO: she is so skilled at the work, so thoughtful of her colleagues, our audiences, our brand, AND she's such a delightful human (if you've been fortunate enough yet to have a meeting with her, you already know), she deserves a rock-concert decibel shout out. THANK YOU, SHERRY!!!!!

June Shout-Outs

  • Rick Doran: Rick, thank you for going out of your way in helping to coordinate our busy schedules to ensure our timing is on par. We appreciate you jumping at every opportunity to help our department continue to run smoothly.
  • Josie Bunnell: Josie is always so willing to bring her creativity and ingenuity to any project! Thank you, Josie, for being a great partner to work with, and for making the gorgeous commemorative plaque for the Inauguration tree that staff council gifted to President Hernandez!
  • Housing & ResLife and SADI: Members of these teams all came together in order to provide the best possible experience for Champlain students who were scheduled to move into 194 St. Paul Street to begin their summer in Burlington. These colleagues worked collaboratively, often under pressure, to help address student and family concerns while also working internally with Champlain colleagues to understand the next steps to addressing those same concerns. It is no small feat to pull off such a task, especially when students are excited to move into their spaces, and this team did that with professionalism, exceptional customer service, and an eye toward continuous improvement for our students and our entire community. Thank you for all of your work!
  • Amanda Anderson: YOU'RE DOING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rick Doran: Rick always goes above and beyond for his team. We are so grateful for him and all the work he does to make sure our processes all run smoothly. We would truly be lost without him! Thank you for being you, Rick!
  • Nic Anderson, Tim Van Woert, & Kate Cronin: You and the members of your teams have been working tirelessly to flip campus into summer mode for conferences, summer residents, and 194 residents. Please know that your hard work has not gone unnoticed. I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and admiration for your exceptional efforts. You are an invaluable asset to this campus and your contributions continue to make a significant difference. Thank you for always being willing to lend a hand when needed!
  • Lisa Mazzariello & Christine Koogle: Thank you to Lisa and Christine for going the extra mile and supporting Housing and Residential Life with the 194 St Paul Street Building opening. You went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition for our students. THANK YOU for your outstanding support.