Years of Service Recognition

The 2022 recipients of the Years of Service award are as follows:

5 Years

Michael Angel Library
Kellan Bachus Communications and Creative Media
Jessica Blackman Appreciative Inquiry Center
Michael Bourgeois Physical Plant
Christina Brooker Event Center
Veruska Cantelli Core
Kevin Duerr Registrar
Joe Eastman Information Technology & Sciences
Aziz Fatnassi Core
Emily Fenuccio Champlain College Online
Ian Fournier Dean of Students
Gordon Glover Communications and Creative Media
Kathleen Hyde Champlain College Online
Kylie King Stiller School of Business
Rachel Lavallee Student Services
Joseph Letourneau Information Technology & Sciences
Marita Martin People Center
Jessica Mattera Library
Erin Meenan CCO E-Learning
Stephen Miller Education and Human Studies
Rebecca Mills Center for Learning & Teaching
Kimberly Moran People Center
Albert Orbinati Champlain College Online
Robin Perlah Communications and Creative Media
Hannah Rounds Marketing
Molly Tuthill Champlain College Online
Sarah Camille Wilson Library

10 Years

Jennifer Adrian Emergent Media Center
Joshua Blumberg Center for Learning & Teaching
John Boyd Communications and Creative Media
Lauren Bruneau Academic Support & Coaching Services
Ciaran Buckley Core
Debra Dayman People Center
Patrick Dunston Information Technology & Sciences
Linda Goodrum Core
Veronica Lewis Advancement
Christopher North Information Technology
Kristin Novotny Core


15 Years

Freddy Angel Center for Learning & Teaching
Danelle Berube Student Services
Richard Doran Financial Aid
Erik Esckilsen Core
Jonathan Ferguson Communications and Creative Media
Jennifer Gingras-Green Campus Public Safety
Michael Lange Core
Susan Lindberg Event Center
Joseph Manley Communications and Creative Media
Susan Pepper Information Technology
Daniel Selicaro Information Technology
Jean-Marie Severance Education and Human Studies
Scott Stevens Information Technology & Sciences
Shawn Toof Campus Public Safety
Sanford Zale Core


20 Years

Pamela Crowley Registrar


25 Years

Alfonso Capone Core

35 Years

Joseph O'Grady Stiller School of Business

40 Years

Diane Byrnes Finance


  • Kathy Leo-Nyquist - Education & Human Studies
  • Stephen Miller - Education & Human Studies

Staff and Faculty who have committed 5, 10 or 15 years of service at Champlain College are recognized at the annual employee recognition event.

Staff and Faculty who have committed 20 years of service to Champlain College are recognized at the annual employee recognition event and receive an engraved College Chair or Table.

Staff and Faculty who have committed 25, 30, 35 or 40 years of service at Champlain College are recognized at the annual employee recognition event and are awarded a monetary amount dependent on their years of service.