Champlain faculty in Applied Mathematics have consulted leading employers of mathematicians to carefully construct the career focus of the program’s curriculum, ensuring that graduates will be optimally poised to begin successful and rewarding professional lives.

Upon completion of degree requirements, graduates from the Applied Mathematics program will be able to demonstrate skills and proficiencies that are highly appealing to employers across industries.

Problem-Solving and Analytical Thinking:

  • Recognize problems with mathematical solutions from across disciplines.
  • Choose from several potentially appropriate mathematical methods of solution.
  • Persist in the face of difficulty and present full and cogent solutions that include appropriate justification.
  • Use precision and logical rigor to make both concrete and abstract conclusions.

Communicating Mathematics:

  • Communicate and interact appropriately with different audiences.
  • Collaborate with others across disciplines in diverse contexts.

Transitioning from Theory to Practice:

  • Use mathematical concepts and techniques in practical and applied problems.
  • Use technology to implement mathematical theory in applied contexts.

More Inside Learning Outcomes for Applied Mathematics