The faculty of the Robert P. Stiller School of Business at Champlain College spend a lot of time working with employers and internship sites to determine the exact skills, knowledge, and characteristics they are seeking in job candidates. The Game Production Management program gives you the skills employers value most highly.

After fulfilling the requirements of the major, Game Production Management graduates will have the following skills and abilities:

The Communicator: An effective communicator in all forms: written, verbal, or visual. Can effectively convey ideas, information, and intentions in a manner that is appropriate to the topic, situation, and audience in both interpersonal and presentation situations. Able to accurately and critically interpret the messages produced by those they are engaged with, responding appropriately and with clarity.

The Collaborative Leader: Possesses the collaborative, leadership, and interpersonal skills to effectively organize and manage a team environment that ensures the collective success of the group in the creation of a game or game business venture. They believe in the importance of a bias-free, inclusive working environment and have the ability to cultivate and maintain a team climate that both encourages and benefits from diverse perspectives and the free exchange of ideas.

The Innovative, Strategic Planner: Demonstrates effective project management as the team’s key production or business strategist developing a pathway to success. Has the ability to identify, formulate, and communicate questions which guide research and development of games, covering the breadth from early conceptualization of identifying key game markets to launching a financially viable product or business. Separates and organizes complex topics into their component parts to look beyond their own assumptions and the assumptions of others to generate viable, actionable strategies. Combines or synthesizes information and existing ideas in innovative ways to generate new strategies and solve problems for the team toward the successful creation and release of the game.

The Data-Driven Thinker: Proficient in the ability to find, store, and synthesize data, metrics, and measures to answer questions, develop knowledge, and communicate solutions in the appropriate context. Utilizes and manages technology and interprets quantitative and qualitative information applying appropriate mathematical methods to ensure decisions are being made for the game and the team based on sound data.

The Game Business Professional: As the often outward-facing member of a game development or business team, engages in an ethically and socially responsible manner to set an example of high standards and responsibility for all. Is thoughtful and conscious of interdependent global systems including culture, economics, politics, and their implications for our lives and the Earth. Conducts themselves with a high degree of integrity, demonstrating awareness of the impact of their actions personally, on their team, and in the world.

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