Champlain College’s Psychology major is one of the most practical psychology programs in the country.

At Champlain, you’ll focus on how your psychology learning applies to a wide range of job sectors and career choices. After exploring the nearly endless variety of career options, you can customize your academic choices based on what will be most applicable to your career goals, ensuring you graduate equipped with the specific skills you’ll need in the field.

By the time you complete the requirements for your Psychology degree at Champlain College, you will be able to:

  1. Apply major psychological concepts, theoretical perspectives, and empirical findings to personal, social, organizational, and professional issues.
  2. Use a historically informed and culturally sensitive perspective when applying psychology to personal and professional situations.
  3. Design, conduct, analyze, and interpret basic and applied psychology research.
  4. Access and assess the quality of various sources of information about human behavior and draw conclusions about their potential application to personal, social, organizational, and professional situations.
  5. Justify their own and evaluate others actions using the general ethical principles of the American Psychological Association as a framework.
  6. Analyze personal interests, skills, and goals and creatively synthesize them with their knowledge of careers and psychology to create professional opportunities.

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