Graduates of the Champlain College Filmmaking and Broadcast Media Production Programs recently reeled in top awards from the Freedom & Unity Filmmaker Contest.

Vermont and New Hampshire residents ranging from ages 10 to 30 were given the opportunity to submit a short film of their creation to the contest. Submissions were judged on the storyline, visual storytelling, audio, camera work, local connections, and many other film-related criteria. Check out the Champlainers who are making us incredibly proud.

‘I am Alone, and I am Afraid’ by Jacob D’Amour and Aidan Saunders

‘I am Alone, and I am Afraid’ was created by Jacob D’Amour, ’20 // Filmmaking, and Aidan Saunders, ’20 // Filmmaking. Their film won First Prize in the Adult Personal Stories category.

Watch the trailer here.

‘I am Alone, and I Am Afraid’ is a stop-motion horror film. When a mysterious visitor knocks on his door, a young shut-in must conquer his fear of the unknown and choose to open it or risk being trapped forever with a monster of his own making. This film deals with themes of mental illness, loneliness, self-doubt, and the difficulties of opening oneself up to others.

‘The Silence Between’ by Danielle Hazelton

The Silence Between was created by Danielle Hazelton, ’19 // Filmmaking. This film won Second Prize in the Adult Personal Stories category.

Watch the trailer here.

Pat, a young trombonist, lives his life auditioning for touring ensembles. With a scattered mind and isolated lifestyle, he struggles to live with his long-term girlfriend who keeps him from his work. When Pat’s need for silence is exposed, a mentoring conductor helps him form new perspectives on the distractions that hinder musicians while creating their art. ‘The Silence Between’ explores the complicated relationships that artists have with their mentors, their partners, and themselves.

‘Forget Me Not Vermont’ by Travis Washington, Luke Rebman, and Charles Dalgleish

‘Forget Me Not Vermont’ was created by Broadcast Media Production majors Travis Washington, ’20, Luke Rebman, ’20, and Charles Dalgleish, ’20. Their film claimed First Prize in the Adult Arts, Culture, History & Contemporary Issues category.

Watch the documentary here.

‘Forget Me Not Vermont’ is a documentary about Champlain College’s collection of various sheet music pieces and the history each piece reveals throughout the centuries of time.

This documentary was produced as part of Champlain College’s Humanities Research for the Public Good grant project, funded by the Council of Independent Colleges with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

‘Do It Yourself’ by Griffin Paul Moran and Nathaniel Hart

‘Do It Yourself’ is a film by Broadcast Media Production graduates Griffin Paul Moran, ’20 and Nathaniel Hart, ’20. Their film won Third Prize in the Adult Arts, Culture, History & Contemporary Issues category, and Third Prize for the Jamie Kanzler Award.

Watch their film here.

‘Do it Yourself’ is an documentary invitation to the “basement” music scene in Burlington, Vermont.

Hats off to our winners! We are very proud of you.

Keith Oppenheim, Broadcast Media Professor

To learn more about the contest, visit the Freedom & Unity website.

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Danni Johnson

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