One of the “Most Innovative Colleges” and the company built by educators for educators are committed to co-creating collaborative and engaging learning opportunities for online learners.

When InSpace Proximity, Inc. – a groundbreaking virtual learning platform created to transform education through smart design – was first adopted by Champlain College, the platform was introduced in a pilot program for the College’s fall 2020 on-campus community based in Burlington, Vermont.

In these early stages of Champlain’s partnership with InSpace, the College’s on-campus faculty, staff, and students were limited by the virtual meeting platforms available to them when Champlain moved from in-person classrooms to online instruction in March 2020. A grid of “Brady Bunch” talking heads did not provide the level of engagement students and faculty needed for effective virtual learning to take place. InSpace’s exciting disruptive technology, however, opened up collaborative and interactive tech capabilities for classes through its unique smart design that mirrors the fluid and personal nature of real classrooms.

The founder of online learning platform Inspace stands outdoors next to a wall
Narine Hall, Ph.D. is CEO and co-founder of InSpace and Program Director of Champlain College’s on-campus undergraduate Data Science major.

“When we started InSpace two years ago, our mission was to take the technology out of the way and let instructors and students connect and learn virtually,” said Narine Hall, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of InSpace. “The most innovative and forward-thinking institutions are seeking differentiated and effective video collaboration and learning partners like InSpace as a competitive advantage for their online courses.”

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Kaylee Sullivan