Vermont has appeared on top of CNBC’s list: “These 10 states are America’s best places to live in 2022.” Home to our very own Champlain College, they praised Vermont for access to childcare, healthcare, as well as air quality.

According to CNBC, “Few states make it easier to exercise your right to vote than Vermont does.” Every eligible Vermonter receives a mail-in ballot, and in-person polling is still available. Voting begins 45 days before election day, a number higher than most states in the country.

Don’t miss Vermont’s one-of-a-kind sunsets! This one was taken at the Burlington Waterfront in Fall 2020.

Each season in Vermont has its own special charm. When you begin the school year in the fall, you’ll see the leaves start to turn colors, students taking trips to apple orchards, and pumpkin-spiced flavored EVERYTHING. With winter, you can venture onto the nearest ski mountain or curl up inside a local cafe with your favorite book. Thaw out in the spring and embrace your true Vermonter by putting on your hiking boots and hitting the closest muddy trail. Enjoy a beautiful, sunny summer by visiting the local beaches, stopping by farmers markets, and curling up by campfires.

CNBC labels Vermont as “charming,” giving it an overall score of 308 out of 325 based on life, health, and inclusion.

To read the full list of America’s 10 best states, click here

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