Champlain College will receive $10M in Congressionally directed spending as part of the 2023 Omnibus Appropriations bill thanks to Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.)

The funds designated by Leahy are intended to support a new STEAM building and capital improvements as the College expands its STEAM programs, including continued growth of Champlain’s renowned cybersecurity and digital forensics programs, focused efforts in health and the bio-life sciences, and preparation for high-tech careers that foster being more human in a digital world.

“Champlain College is an established leader in the nation for cybersecurity and digital forensics, and I am proud to support them as they continue to push the envelope on education and research,” Senator Leahy said. “The multi-disciplinary approach with this new project will mean greater highs of research achievements and more comprehensive education for the students that will drive our future.”

This federal funding will allow Champlain to enhance experiential learning and applied research at both its Burlington and Lakeside campuses through the expansion of The Leahy Center for Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity, as well as technology and facilities updates, including classroom and lab space. It will also serve as a springboard to raise additional funds, and strengthen community and industry partnerships that support the College’s mission to be a net importer of talent into the state of Vermont.

Computer & Digital Forensics alum Cecilia Pohlar ’21 worked in the Leahy Center for Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity, was offered the Department of Defense Scholarship, and is now an Acting Director, Cybersecurity Service Provider. She is also pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration with a specialization in Information Security Risk Management with Champlain College Online.

“Champlain College is forever indebted to Senator Leahy and the invaluable support he has provided to us over his 48 years in the United States Senate,” said Champlain College President Alex Hernandez. “His belief in our career-focused approach to higher education and advocacy on our behalf has helped position Champlain as a leader in cybersecurity and digital forensics, and broaden our future in STEAM. The entire Champlain community thanks him for his service to Vermont and to the college, and we are excited to honor his legacy.”

Champlain expects to begin implementing these STEAM improvements in the Fall of 2023.

Kaylee Sullivan

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