Accounting Major Curriculum

Faculty members in the Robert P. Stiller School of Business have worked with employers and internship sites to determine the exact skills, knowledge, and characteristics they are seeking in job candidates. 

Employers specifically look to hire Champlain College graduates as they have become known for their demonstrated expertise in accounting, strong critical thinking and communication skills, and the ability to strategize and lead across the whole business enterprise or organization.

At Champlain, we keep our Accounting curriculum up-to-date by modifying and adding courses based on accounting changes and industry trends. While keeping current with changing technologies and industries, we maintain a program of study that encourages a study-abroad semester in the third year.

Accounting Curriculum 2023–2024

Year 3

Year 3 Fall Semester Courses

Year 3 Spring Semester Courses

Year 4

Year 4 Fall Semester Courses

Year 4 Spring Semester Courses