Computer Science & Innovation Major Curriculum

The computing field is constantly changing—innovations are developing on a daily basis. By jumping into your major courses right away, you learn about trending technologies throughout your four years at Champlain and practice staying ahead of the game.

Because of the early experience gained through our Upside-Down Curriculum, many students have multiple internships and relevant part-time professional opportunities before they graduate.

Through Champlain's unique Core courses, you'll gain a well-rounded education, and our study abroad program is a great opportunity to gain a global perspective. Our Computer Science & Innovation faculty designed the curriculum so you can take a semester, or even a full year, studying abroad and still earn the credits needed for your major.

Computer Science & Innovation Curriculum

Current students, refer to the catalog from your entry term for your major's curriculum.

Year 4

Year 4 Fall Semester Courses

Year 4 Spring Semester Courses

*Students are required to earn a minimum 2.0 GPA in these program courses.

Extend your education


A minor in UI Design & Implementation will take your application design to the next level. A Game Programming minor could open the doors to niche career. With a Social Justice minor, you can really dive into the intersections of technology and human rights. Take a look at all our available minors.


Choose one of the following Computer Science & Innovation concentrations to tailor your education to the area of study that interests you most:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Engineering