Criminology & Criminal Justice Curriculum

Our Criminology & Criminal Justice curriculum is built with the future of the field in mind; its focus is on restorative and social justice, with flexibility that can take you into a variety of careers.

With our Upside-Down Curriculum, you'll take classes in your first semester that allow you to quickly get up to speed with current technologies and topics in the field-and stay current through graduation.

Many of the courses in our Criminology & Criminal Justice major are program electives, allowing you to focus your studies in a specialized area or explore a variety of vocations in the field. Additionally, many students use their general electives to study a minor, the most popular being Social Work, Law, Psychology, or Digital Forensics.

Criminology & Criminal Justice Curriculum 

Current students, refer to the catalog from your entry term for your major's curriculum.

Year 4

Year 4 Spring Semester Courses