Digital Humanities Program Learning Outcomes

The Digital Humanities program at Champlain College is designed to give you the skills, perspective, and experience to become a successful candidate in emerging professional fields. It will guide your learning and couple it with new digital tools and liberal arts knowledge that employers today and tomorrow are looking for. In the BS in Digital Humanities program, you will:

  • Integrate concepts and theoretical frameworks from the digital humanities with personal interests and career goals to create professional opportunities in global industries.
  • Assess the value, relevance, and impact of different sources of information from a range of disciplines and interdisciplinary fields of study for projects in the digital humanities.
  • Examine the historical and cultural contexts informing the dissemination and use of digital technologies.
  • Analyze the power relationships and ethical considerations underpinning discourses about data collection, evaluation, and publication.
  • Apply computational skills and digital methods to complex problems and global issues.