School of Social Innovation 

Design your personalized exploration of psychology learning.

Perhaps your passions and career goals extend beyond the traditional wellness and social applications of psychology. The Flex Path concentration allows you to work closely with a Psychology faculty member to specifically customize your degree focus to your personal desires. You will receive tailored support to design your ideal curriculum with the intent of maximizing your résumé to fit with your long-term goals.

We strongly suggest pairing this concentration with a minor, and we will help you select the most suitable one. Psychology is one of the most diversely implemented degrees in the market today. Whether you decide to pursue law, join a corporation, work for the FBI, become a senator, launch your own start-up, become a researcher, work in human resources, become a marketing specialist, etc.—the Flex Path concentration will ensure you are equipped with the necessary skill set to do so.

Students in this concentration will work with their advisor to choose four Psychology courses at the 300- and 400-levels.

Courses in the Flex Path Concentration

A program concentration must be declared before the start of Year 3. This is a student-centered pathway tailored with assistance from the Career Collaborative to maximize the student’s personal career aspirations.

Take the following FOUR courses (12 credits):

  • PSY3XX
  • PSY3XX
  • PSY4XX
  • PSY4XX

A minor is strongly suggested (seek advise from Career Collaborative).

See the College Catalog for details.

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