Writing Electives

The Writing & Publishing Program at Champlain College—unlike most writing programs—invites students to try almost every kind of writing. Our undergraduate students aren't limited to creative writing or journalism: they can investigate the ins and outs of publishing and copyediting and hone their skills into specific niches, such as travel writing.

Writing & Publishing students may also take some courses from other majors that count as writing elective credits for their degree. If you have questions about a specific course, please work with your Advisor or email Tanya Stone, program director.

Please note that not all classes will be available in every semester.

WRT Writing Electives

*The subject of the Senior Seminar will change each semester. In the spring, the juniors in WRT 301 will express their preferences, and the course topic will be based on those preferences and faculty availability.

Non-WRT Writing Electives