Study Abroad

Want to see the world? Why wait?

At Champlain, it's never been easier to embark on a life-changing semester (or two) in remote corners of the globe. All our majors are designed to accommodate a semester studying in a foreign country, and with Champlain Dublin, Champlain Montreal, Global Partners and Third-Party Programs, the possibilities are many for you to explore unique landscapes and exotic cultures.

In addition to taking classes and living in a new place, studying abroad is an opportunity to confront your own assumptions, meet new people, embrace curiosity and gain a richer understanding of the world through truly realizing what it means to see from a global perspective. Our Office of International Education will work with you to ensure all credits transfer and fulfill requirements for your major. Plus, as you can see below, our Champlain Dublin and Montreal programs allow a seamless transition thanks to built-in curriculums for major-specific classes.