Game Production Management

Do you have a head for business and a heart for video games? Obtain the skills you need to be a player in the game industry and lead a development team to produce the next big video game. This industry needs individuals with an aptitude for business and passion for managing creative people throughout the game production process.

Students in the Game Production Management program develop essential skills organizing, motivating and overseeing effective groups of game artists, designers and programmers. You will gain insight into the ways creative people develop their ideas for games while working with other students who bring their passion for building games together. You’ll also evaluate the latest trends in game technology, from emerging genres to new platforms. You'll graduate a smart strategist who is ready to thrive in the dynamic video game industry, which in 2016,  generated over $30 billion in revenue in the U.S. alone.

Collaborative Game Studio

Game Studio LogoOver your four years at Champlain, you play an important role in Champlain's Game Studio working with your counterparts in the Game Art & Animation, Game Design and Game Programming majors to build games from start to finish. The Game Studio replicates a professional game development setting to give you a firsthand experience in creative teams developing individual game assets and coordinating them into a functional product.

In Your Senior Year

You will have the opportunity to present a game you create with your Game Studio team to recruiters from all over the East and Canada, including Square Enix/Eidos, Gameloft, Warner Bros./Turbine, Behaviour and Activision/Vicarious Visions. You'll build an impressive portfolio of collaborative work and create a résumé that showcases your project management, team leadership and business skills.