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Do your friends turn to you for your empathy—or for your ability to see through their act and tell them what they need to hear? Do you love digging down to understand what really motivates people to do the things they do? 

If you are eager to make a positive impact on your community through understanding human behavior, psychology may be the perfect path for you.

Why study Psychology at Champlain College? 

Champlain's well rounded, career-focused approach to education makes our Psychology major one of the most diverse, practical, and applicable psychology programs in the country. 

The Upside-Down Curriculum
We don't believe in making you wait to study what you love. As a Psychology student at Champlain, you will start in your major classes from day one—and stay immersed in them through all four years of your education. 

Champlain Psychology graduates use their degrees to accomplish many different career goals. Some pursue graduate education  to become psychologists, while others apply the principles of psychological science to human resources, guidance, teaching, law enforcement, or any number of other in-demand professions.

Creating Your Psychology Career Path

  1. Early on, you'll be introduced to the countless ways psychology applies to a huge range of job sectors and career choices. You'll work closely with upper-level Psychology students in a peer-mentoring system to explore your options. 
  2. During your first and second years, you'll consider how you would like to use your Psychology degree after graduation. 
  3. From that basis, you can determine your course selection for the remaining years of the program, enabling you to focus on your specific interests and career goals. This focus allows you to create a tailored résumé that will be highly marketable in landing your dream job.

Champlain's courses are hands-on; we believe the best learning is experiential. Your curriculum will include professional and/or research internships that will give you real experience in your field before graduation.  

The distinguished Psychology Bachelor of Science program at Champlain College gives you the opportunity to create a clear and realistic academic pathway, while preparing you to use your understanding of human behavior throughout your personal and professional life.