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Champlain's well rounded, career-focused approach to education makes our Psychology degree program one of the most diverse, practical and applicable psychology programs in the country. The Psychology Bachelor of Science program at Champlain College gives you the opportunity to identify, prepare and follow a clear and realistic academic pathway, while preparing you to use your understanding of human behavior throughout your future personal, civic and professional life.

Student Academic Experience

As a Psychology student at Champlain, you will be immersed in a strong disciplinary foundation in your first two years—starting in your first semester with our Upside-Down Curriculum—through a range of required courses, while still getting a strong background in liberal arts through the Core curriculum. You will take Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Applied Psychology and Positive Psychology as well as other courses from the Psychology curriculum in your first year of the program. Throughout your years at Champlain, you'll experience a focus on the application of psychology to solve real-world problems, and you'll study the underlying application of psychological science to many possible career paths.

Program Structure

Early on, you'll be introduced to how psychology applies to a huge range of job sectors and career choices, and you will work closely with upper-level Psychology students in a peer-mentoring system to explore your options. During your first or second year, you'll be asked how you would like to use your Psychology degree after graduation. You'll use that basis to determine your course selection for the remaining years of the program, enabling you to focus on applied aspects centered on your professional interests and aspirations. All of our upper-level classes are hands-on and more practical than those offered at our competitor schools, and they include professional and/or research internships.


Our experienced Psychology faculty members are all active practitioners and/or researchers. Champlain's faculty members will give you the insight you need to identify the field that most interests you and to succeed in applying your psychology education to your chosen field. Thanks to our small class sizes, our Psychology professors are able to focus on you and your goals, and will help you meet them. Meet our faculty. 


Through internships and summer jobs at such organizations as the Milton Community Youth Coalition, the Howard Center and the Visiting Nurse Associations of America, our Psychology students gain invaluable experience in the field. We want our graduates to use their Psychology degree as a platform upon which to accomplish many amazing career goals-such as pursuing graduate education or applying the principles of psychological science to a professional field in human resources, guidance, teaching, law enforcement or many other disciplines. See where our students have interned. 

Study Abroad

Study Abroad is built right into the program so you can spend a semester studying at our campuses in Montreal or Dublin, or anywhere in the world through our study abroad partners. Many of our students travel to Auckland, New Zealand, to gain a global perspective during their time at Champlain. Explore our study abroad options. 

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