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You're Admitted (Woot!)

This is it! The moment you have been waiting for your whole life

If you know that Champlain is in your future, you can accept your offer of enrollment by submitting your tuition and residence hall (if applicable) deposit(s). If you have been admitted to multiple institutions (congrats!), there are still lots of next steps on this and other pages here in our admitted student site that can help you determine if Champlain is the right fit for you.

Most importantly, you'll want to check out our Admitted Student Day events and connect with other admitted students in our Facebook Class of 2022 group.

Use the navigation below or to the left to explore all the recommended Next Steps in this section.

Enrolling is easy. There is only one small task to complete in order to accept your offer of admission at Champlain College. You can do it now, if you like.

Register for Admitted Student Day. Whether or not you're 100% decided about coming to Champlain for college, make attending one of our Admitted Student Day events a priority. #lifechanging

Connecting on the Facebook Class of 2022 group is fun. Each year, we end up having one of the most active Facebook groups going. You can enter contests, ask questions and learn more about your fellow classmates. Join and keep coming back. We'll load you up with great content. It's a good time—guaranteed.

Activate your Champlain account. You may have already activated your account during the application process. If you have deposited, you can take the next step that will enable you to access other Champlain resources, such as the housing request form, when the time comes.

Figuring out financial tasks. Chances are good you won't have much to do right now aside from submitting your deposit, but you can take a peek at the step-by-step process for crossing future financial tasks off your list and get a good sense of what happens when over the next few months.

Select your housing. Get the 411 on how and when to access our housing request tool so you can request your favorite Victorian-era mansion and connect with potential roommates.

Preparing for your academic life. No worries. You get to finish high school first, but this section will provide some info on quick tasks you need to complete over the summer so you are ready to jump into class come the end of August.

Starting up your new life. Life has details, doesn't it? Here you'll find a preview of some of the little details of campus life, like filling out student health and emergency contact forms.

Getting a jump on summer. We are fans of order, clarity and ease. On this page, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the tasks you'll need to complete before Orientation in August.

What Will Your Champlain Story Be?

Want to know what it’s like to be a student here? Check out these videos.

Not to distract you from the all-important task of enrolling at Champlain, but our students have great stories to tell. What will yours be?



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