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Sustainability affects every aspect of life across the campus.

Nestled in the heart of environmentally-progressive Burlington, Vermont, Champlain College takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability by integrating green practices into everyday life and campus-wide initiatives.

Community opportunities include community-based education, working in our campus garden and apiary, serving on the board of our Green Revolving Fund, taking classes that explore sustainability from different angles, and so much more.

Top Green

Champlain was named one of Princeton Review’s Top Green Schools in 2024.

Silver STARS

Silver STARS (Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) for sustainability achievements from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). 


Burlington, VT was recognized as the first city U.S. city to run on 100% sustainable energy in 2015. – Nation of Change

Kristen Wolf teaching a first-grade field trip about the importance of bees

Office of Sustainability

Sustainability Programs

Sustain Champlain administers several programs for our campus community. From working with pollinators with Champlain Apiary, to working in our Community Garden, to our approach to sustainable food and best practices for campus operations.

Sustain Champlain

This campus-wide initiative strives to infuse sustainability concepts and practices throughout Champlain College by coordinating and promoting best practices throughout all of campus.

Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved with Sustain Champlain. Check out how you can play a role in moving with us towards a more sustainable future.

Eco-Rep Program

Represent the planet. Get hands-on. Make an impact.

Champlain College Eco Reps are (primarily) residential students who help raise awareness about ecological issues and encourage environmentally responsible behavior from campus residents. As an Eco Rep, you’ll educate your peers about environmental issues such as waste reduction and energy conservation. You’ll serve as a model for sustainable living behavior, while informing and conducting outreach to fellow residents. You’ll also collaborate on related activities in your residence hall with your fellow Resident Assistants (RA) or other Champlain student event planners across campus.

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On Being an Eco-Rep

“As an Eco-Rep I get to tell others about things I have learned. At the same time, I am also learning so much myself.”

Sustainable Initiatives Fund

Champlain College Sustainable Initiatives Fund (SIF) is an investment fund that finances energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability projects on campus. The fund provides capital for special projects that reduce the College’s environmental impact and help us move towards carbon neutrality. The fund is managed by a committee that includes several students.

Recently funded projects include:

  • Dublin Vegetable Garden
  • Building Creative Bus Stops
  • Plant Wall: Greenery in Classrooms
  • Aquaponics Maintenance
  • Hydro Pi-Nics Maintenance

Have an idea for helping us make Champlain more sustainable? Propose a project!

To me, being an Eco-Rep is one of the most important roles I have here at Champlain. Being environmentally aware and sustainable is something I am very passionate about, so being able to help spread messages around sustainable living, issues such as climate change, and also topics regarding equality and social justice here on campus is really exciting and also rewarding.
Emma Dannenberg
Emma Dannenberg ‘24, Creative Media with Environmental Policy minor
A zoomed out picture of a side of Champlain College's Perry Hall, with students hanging out at the building and sitting on the grass in front of it.
A photo of Valcour hall during the daytime
A photo of Juniper hall during the daytime
A photo of Butler hall during the daytime


LEED certification is a global green building rating system. Several of our buildings have achieved Gold and Platinum status, and use geothermal heating/cooling systems.

  • Perry Hall, LEED Platinum Certified
  • Juniper Residence Hall, LEED Gold Certified
  • Butler Residence Hall, LEED Gold Certified
  • Valcour Residence Hall, LEED Gold Certified
  • Aiken Hall, LEED Gold Certified

Sustainability-Focused Programs

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