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The next four years at Champlain will be filled with transitions, self-exploration, and change. Our counseling center services and programs are thoughtfully created to support you through these experiences and develop habits to help you live well.

We strive to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable, and multiculturally sensitive for all our students, faculty, and staff. This is a confidential space where you can seek support and process your reactions.

Dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for all members of the Champlain community.

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We Care.

Your reactions are valid, and they matter to us. If you would like to connect with a counselor, we are here for you!

Call our On-Call Counselor

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis (non life-threatening) and need to speak to someone immediately, please call the on-call counselor at (802) 865-5745 or Campus Public Safety at (802) 865-6465.


Individual Counseling 

A one-on-one meeting for 30 or 50 minutes to explore personal issues of concern or importance.

Group Counseling 

Two counselors work together to facilitate a discussion with a small group of students who have expressed a common issue.


Formal and informal collaborations with faculty, staff, students, parents, and family members who seek advice and information on issues of concern to them.

Outreach and Education 

We offer a variety of services such as workshops, screening days, crisis event responses/debriefing, and community campaigns.

Medication Management

The Counseling Center partners with the Student Health Center for psychiatric medication management.

Let’s Talk 

“Let’s Talk” offers 20 minute consultations with a counselor to problem solve, de-stress or learn about Counseling Center services. Offered via Zoom.

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