Computer & Digital Forensics Admissions

According to "Soshable," a social media site, Vermont is one of the top states for computer forensics-currently in the number two position.

Why? The article, written by Drew Hendricks on 10/29/12 states:

"Vermont makes the list as it is home to Champlain College. This small, liberal arts institution was founded in 1878, and offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Digital Forensics, as well as a Master of Science in Digital Investigation Management. Both programs are highly ranked, and offer students real-world experience, and intensive training techniques."

The same goes today, as a pioneer in innovation, Champlain was named a "Most Innovative School" by U.S. News & World Report and our Computer & Digital Forensics bachelor's and master's degrees have been recognized as Model Electronic Crime and Digital Investigation Programs by the National Institute of Justice.

It's clear, Champlain College is the premier destination in the country to study Computer & Digital Forensics. Get your application to this prestigious and profitable major today.