Financial Aid & Federal Work-Study Questions

  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should be completed by April 1. Complete the Renewal FAFSA at

    Complete the entire student section and, if dependent, parent section of the form. Both the student and, if dependent, parent must electronically sign the FAFSA before submission.

  • Federal work-study is a type of financial aid awarded to students who have documented financial need and meet certain eligibility requirements. The program provides part-time jobs that allow students who qualify to earn money to help pay educational expenses.

    Work-study is a time to build skills for the future and enables you to begin or add to your resumé. Sometimes students think the term work-study means they will be able to study and be paid. This is a misconception! Work-study is a real job, and the requirements are the same as they would be for any part-time job you might work.

    The College encourages community service work and on-campus work related to the student’s course of study when possible. Champlain students generally work 5 to 10 hours per week. Students are not required to earn the total amount of the award but cannot earn more than the awarded amount.

  • If you’re not sure whether you want to do work-study, answer “yes” on your FAFSA instead of “I don’t know.” You can always choose not to use work-study if you don’t want to.

    • Additional financial resource while in school
    • Valuable work experience for your resumé
    • May help to reduce your need for student loans
    • Opportunity to network with professionals
    • Opportunity to sample different career choices
    • Valuable and practical career-related experiences
    • Opportunity to enhance your fundamental work skills
    • Sense of community and involvement with Champlain

    Learn About Federal Work-Study

  • To be considered for federal work-study, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and make sure to include the Champlain College School Code: 003684. Work-study awards are determined by need, enrollment status and the availability of funds at the College.

  • The amount of each student’s award varies up to a maximum award of $3,000 and is printed on your financial aid award letter. You can also view your award in Web Advisor.

    Learn About Federal Work-Study

  • A work-study award is not reflected on your bill because earnings are paid directly to you every two weeks based on the hours you work. The awarded amount should not be considered when calculating your balance due.

  • Work-study awards may be modified or canceled if your financial need changes. This could occur if adjustments to income are made on the FAFSA, additional scholarships and grants are received, or when you and your family decide it is necessary to take out additional loans thereby reducing or eliminating need.

  • Champlain College does not place students into jobs. Instead, we emphasize career preparation. The College considers searching and securing a work-study position an important step toward career success. Each student must actively search and apply for available positions.

  • Handshake is the College’s online job search system. You will find Handshake on the Career Collaborative web page. The site is updated throughout the year as jobs are filled and new positions are created.

    The Career Collaborative team creates a Handshake account for incoming and new transfer students entering in the fall in mid-August and will send a message with your username and further instructions. Please do not register for a new account. If you have questions, email or call 802-860-2720.

  • A work-study award does not guarantee employment, so it is in your best interest to apply early for all jobs for which you qualify. Career Collaborative sponsors a Job Fair on the first day of classes—it is a very well attended event, and you should plan to be there if possible.

    If you need assistance searching for a job, contact Career Collaborative at or call 802-860-2720.

    • New/incoming students should watch their Champlain College MyMail accounts for an email from Handshake. You can expect this email mid-August; it will include your Handshake username and a link to set your password.
    • Returning students should already have Handshake accounts. If you need help accessing your account, please contact Career Collaborative.
    • All students should visit our Federal Work-Study Page for a step-by-step process.
  • The Job Fair is a great opportunity for you to meet many of the supervisors searching for student employees. Career Collaborative sponsors the Job Fair at the beginning of the fall semester, generally the first day of classes.

    Watch your email for date, time and location or check Champlain’s website. Dress to impress, and bring copies of your resumé if you have one. Many hiring supervisors from both on- and off-campus offices attend the Job Fair in order to meet with and discuss opportunities with interested applicants.

    Please search Handshake in advance to review posted positions. Treat this event as a job interview and dress accordingly.

  • A variety of community service jobs are available through the work-study program. The College partners with specific local nonprofit organizations, which provide an enriching experience for both you and our partners.

    Please keep in mind when working with our off-campus partners that you represent the College, and our expectation is that you will be especially careful about timeliness, attendance and your work ethic. These positions are great resumé builders when you are reliable and work with enthusiasm.

    The pay rate for community service jobs with our partners is $12 per hour. Visit Handshake to search for opportunities at our Community Partner organizations.

    Champlain’s Community Partners

    • Burlington School District
      • Edmunds Elementary and Middle schools
      • Champlain Elementary School
    • City of Burlington
    • COTS
    • DREAM
    • Greater Burlington YMCA
    • King Street Center
    • Peace and Justice Center
  • As a work-study student at Champlain College or one of its nonprofit campus partners, you must:

    • Provide the required ID for completion of the federal I-9 form prior to your first day of work.
    • Complete all onboarding forms and processes prior to your first day of work.
    • Begin working only after you receive the Student Can Begin Working confirmation email from Workday.
    • Accurately fill out time entry at the end of each shift worked.
    • Perform your duties conscientiously and responsibly.
    • Arrive at your position on time and contact your supervisor in advance when you need to be out sick.
    • Talk to your supervisor in advance when exams and projects may interfere with your work schedule.
    • Monitor your work-study award against earnings to ensure you do not exceed your award amount.
    • Comply with your supervisor’s office policies, the rules and regulations in this Student Guide, and the College’s Policies and Student Code of Conduct.

    It is important for students to understand that if found guilty of fraudulent activity within the work-study program, they will be subject to disciplinary action, which could include the following based on the individual case:

    • Loss of work-study eligibility for the remainder of time at Champlain College.
    • Dismissal from the College.
    • Legal prosecution.
  • After being interviewed and offered a position:

    • Your supervisor enters your personal information into Workday.
    • The Work-Study Program Manager verifies the information; if approved,
    • Payroll assigns a Pay Group.
    • You receive an email with a link to onboarding.
  • Onboarding is an electronic process of completing your employment documents within Workday.

    For new student employees, this includes: W-4; I-9; Student Employee Agreement; Harassment Training; Confidentiality Statement; photo upload (optional); and Direct Deposit Form (optional).

    Returning students will have fewer forms to complete!

    All forms and processes in onboarding must be completed prior to your first day of work. You will receive an email from the People Center office once your supervisor has hired you into Workday. This email contains your link to your onboarding session. New students receive a temporary password. Once your account is established, you will log in with your Champlain network username and password.

  • Yes, onboarding is required each year at the time you are hired. However, the I-9 is completed only once.

    • Personal contact information
    • Emergency contacts
    • Number of allowances you will claim on your federal W-4
    • ID for completion of the federal I-9
    • Photo for uploading (optional)
    • Direct deposit bank information (optional)

    All first-time employees of the College must bring specific ID to Compass Student Services on the first floor of Perry Hall once all online forms in onboarding have been completed.

    ** Do not miss this step! **

    Once you have completed the online portion of the I-9, you still have one more step that must be done:

    • Bring your ID (list of eligible ID can be found at to Compass on the first floor of Perry Hall.
    • You may not begin working you receive the email stating that You Can Begin Working.

    Learn More at the People Center Office

  • The federal I-9 form is required by the federal government to establish both identity and employment authorization. New student employees must present specific original ID for the completion of the federal I-9.

    • List of eligible ID can be found at Please note that all documents must be originals. No copies or faxes can be accepted.
    • Gather the required documents before leaving home so that you will have the ID necessary with you on campus.
    • After you are hired and the online portion of onboarding is completed, bring the required ID to Compass on the first floor of Perry Hall.
    • No student may begin working until I-9 ID has been verified by Compass.

    Learn More at the People Center Office

  • The federal government requires original ID for completion of the I-9. It is not a College policy and therefore cannot be waived or modified. All ID must be original. No copies or faxes can be accepted.

  • Yes. To be eligible for work-study you will need to:

    • File your FAFSA.
    • Check your financial aid award letter or WebAdvisor once you are awarded to see if you are work-study eligible.
    • Students returning to previous year’s job:
      • Watch for email over the summer from Workday ( and complete your onboarding to finalize the rehiring process. Contact your supervisor if you do not receive an onboarding email.
      • If you have not worked for the College within the past 365 days, bring eligible ID for federal I-9 form completion to campus.
    • Returning student employees looking for a new job:
      • Start searching JobSpot beginning mid-August. For help with this process, go to this page.
      • Apply for all jobs for which you qualify.
    • All returning student employees:
      • Once hired, watch for email from Workday ( and complete your onboarding.
      • You must complete onboarding every year and for each job you are hired into, but fewer forms are required after one session is completed.
      • Watch for the email from Workday ( stating that you can begin working.
      • Do not start to work prior to receiving the Student Can Begin Working email.
      • Contact your supervisor if you do not receive the Student Can Begin Working email within three business days of your hire.
  • Supervisors receive an auto-generated email from when you submit your hours. Your supervisor will review the time entered and, if correct, submit it to Payroll. If there is an error in the recorded time, your supervisor will either send the file back to you for correction or update the information. In this case, an email will be sent to you informing you of the revision.

  • If you forget to submit your hours by the deadline listed on the Payroll Schedule, you will not be able to go in to add missed hours or to submit what you have already entered until after the upcoming pay day. This is because payroll is being processed, and the system does not allow changes during processing.

    Late submission of time entry means you will not be paid in the current pay period and will have to wait for the next pay period in two weeks. Always monitor the Pay Schedule to assure you are paid on time.

    Learn More at the People Center Office

  • You may work up to 37.5 hours during College breaks if your supervisor approves it and you have funds remaining to be earned.

  • Students are not allowed to work during scheduled class time even if the class is cancelled or is let out early.

  • You are entitled to a paid 15-minute break after four consecutive hours of work. This break cannot be added to a meal break or taken at the beginning or end of a shift. Break time may not be accumulated. If you work more than six consecutive hours in a day, you are entitled to a 30-minute meal break that is unpaid.

  • You may not earn over your fall semester work-study in the fall semester. If you do not use all of your fall eligibility within the fall semester, the remaining portion may be carried over and used in the spring.

  • Students who are studying abroad are not eligible for work-study in the semester they are abroad. Use of the entire award in one semester must be approved in advance by the Office of Financial Aid. Not all students have the financial eligibility to do this.

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