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    When you receive your Financial Aid letter as an admitted student, you can count on your scholarships from Champlain to never decline as long as you are enrolled full time.

    We believe when families are evaluating the financial implications of their student’s college choice, they should know exactly what they can count on receiving from the school—not just for that important decision-making process in the first year, but for the entire length of a student’s full-time enrollment.

    Sounds reasonable, right?

    We think so. The trend, however, is moving in the other direction. Many students pursuing full-time higher education will have their institutional financial aid reviewed and, quite possibly, decreased each year.

Count-On-It Financial Aid Guarantee Terms & Conditions

  • Champlain funds are only applicable toward your first bachelor’s degree with Champlain.
  • Individuals must remain enrolled full time in order to maintain eligibility for the full amount of any Champlain funds. Champlain funds will be prorated for enrollment that is less than full time.
  • Champlain funds are not transferable to a degree program offered online.
  • Scholarships may be prorated if the College’s tuition is reduced to a level below the rate published when the student’s scholarships were initially awarded.
  • Champlain funds are not available for third-party study-abroad programs.
  • Recipients of Champlain College tuition benefits, Tuition Exchange scholarships and Yellow Ribbon benefits, are not eligible for the Count-On-It guarantee.
  • This guarantee is not applicable to need-based federal and/or state grants or any Champlain fund that is impacted by federal and/or state grants. Students will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year in order for these scholarship amounts to be determined. These include the following:
    • Vermont First Generation Scholarship
    • New American Scholarship
    • Single Parent Scholarship
    • Imagine College Scholarship
    • Pathways Scholarships

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