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About the Project

The Challenge: Smell is strongly connected to memory, emotion, and association. The significance of smell being incorporated into VR is backed by scientific data.

This prototype served as a proof of concept that by merging the olfactory sense with VR, developers can bring immersive storytelling to a new level.

The Solution: Eden is Virtual Reality (VR) narrative mystery experience delivered in a full-sensory environment in which players are delivered scents at various points in their exploration.

Eden was showcased at the Burlington Book Festival at the BCA Center, Burlington Innovation Week, and the South End Art Hop.

As this prototype developed, the partners joined forces to create OVR Technology.

Eden Trailer (0:45)
Behind the Scenes: Developers Video (5:39)
Full Walkthrough of the Eden Experience (16:30)

“The Eden project showcased how scent is a very powerful mechanic while in the experience. The reception was pretty amazing – news coverage and a line for people wanting to try out the VR experiences were constant.” 
– David Delorme, MFA in Emergent Media student

Alice & the Magician; Matt & Erik Design; David Stiller; OVR Technology