cardboard stand to hold up tablet, hand using tablet

About the Project

The Challenge: Teaching students about computer diagnostics, technological components, and program installation can be both time consuming and expensive depending on the equipment needed. In order to continue engaging young students interested in technology, it is important to find a new manner to deliver this information.

Duane Dunston, Founder/CEO of ERLO, LLC, the company creating MxRPC, hired the Emergent Media Center to assist in the development of this prototype.

The Solution: MxRPC is an AR prototype for computer hardware education, intended to be used in the classroom as a way for teachers and students to collaborate.

The group focused on the concept of a mobile augmented reality program that guides users through lessons. The team created three lessons that target course material, such as how to install Random-Access Memory (RAM).

The MxRPC prototype incorporates easy-to-access materials such as cardboard for the base of the structure enabling the QR-esque codes to be read while still enabling the user to access the screen.

One of the largest benefits of this product is that students learning about computer repair and adjustments cannot break the items they are learning about, as they are not physically there but simply displayed on the screen through the AR technology. This type of model allows for continued practice in areas where students may be struggling while also giving teachers the ability to display a tutorial in a projected manner.

“The Emergent Media Center has been a valuable space, because the EMC has the resources which a start-up needs. The EMC has the personnel in place, computer resources, and people managing other people.” 
– Duane Dunston, Founder/CEO of ERLO, LLC

Duane Dunston, Founder/CEO of ERLO, LLC