Benefit from four years of immersion in your field. Through classroom discussions, internships, client projects, simulations, and an intentionally interdisciplinary curriculum, you’ll gain the experience and confidence you need to launch a successful career in Marketing Communication.

The MarCom Strategist:

Demonstrate mastery in marketing and communication strategy by applying data, consumer behavior theory, and in-depth analysis to create a strong foundation for the development of a clear brand that resonates with stakeholders.

The Savvy Communicator:

Exhibit multi-channel media fluency, applying communication skills including oral, written, visual, digital, and technological to successfully engage multiple stakeholders.

The Ethical Communicator:

Carefully evaluate and assess the ethical implications of integrated marketing communication campaigns, as well as integrate ethical values that guide media practices and professional standards in order to become responsible producers of media.

The Experiential Learner:

Create and deliver projects that demonstrate a working knowledge of communication and marketing technologies and meet project/client expectations as well as ethical, inclusive, and cultural standards, and maintain an appreciation for the rapidly changing nature of the field.

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