Through collaborations with other students, internships, classroom teaching, and hands-on experience, you’ll immerse yourself in business, design solutions, marketing, audio production, consumer behavior, and more.

This deep set of proficiencies in multiple areas will increase your marketability in a changeable industry. From accounting to public speaking to graphic design techniques, you’ll graduate with a distinct set of state-of-the-art skills that an education in traditional communication program doesn’t provide.

Upon completion of the Champlain College bachelor’s degree program in Marketing, a graduate will be:

  • The Marketing Strategist: Demonstrate mastery in marketing strategy by applying market research data, consumer behavior theory, and in-depth analysis to create a strong foundation for the development of a brand that resonates with stakeholders.
  • The Savvy Communicator: Exhibit multi-channel media fluency, applying communication skills including oral, written, visual, digital, and technological to successfully engage multiple stakeholders.
  • The Data-Driven Marketer: Intentionally utilize an ethical, analytic, data-driven approach to continuously improve marketing approaches.
  • The Ethical Marketer: Carefully evaluate and assess not only the legal but also the ethical implications of strategic marketing campaigns, as well as their own individual actions and decisions.
  • The Life-Long Learner: Stay up to date in relevant marketing disciplines through formal and informal learning opportunities; continuous observation, investigation, and exploration; and an appreciation for the rapidly changing nature of the field.

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