Dining Services

Rush Hour In The Champlain Dinning Hall

We do dining a little differently at Champlain. Flexible hours, including late night access four nights a week, means you can grab a bite at your own convenience—whether you need a quick snack or a five-course meal. And with multiple dining locations throughout campus, it's easy to find food when you're hungry.

Our chefs are known for providing special meals for those with food allergies, including gluten, and students can take advantage of Champlain's nutritionist for free guidance on eating healthy in a college environment. Whatever you're craving, no matter the time of day, you can gather with friends to eat, laugh and relax.

Dining Halls

IDX Dining Hall

Our main dining hall is in the IDX Student Life Center, the heart, and soul of campus life. This is the place to share a good, filling meal with friends in a comfortable atmosphere enlivened by sweeping views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks skyline. With seven stations serving a wide variety of food, the IDX Dining Hall is where you'll find reliable college standbys like pizza and burgers alongside diverse international cuisine, fresh salads, and mouthwatering desserts.


EATS is Champlain's destination for a quick meal on campus. At this entirely retail option, you'll find Zime, a modern bakery bistro serving coffee, sandwiches and signature soups. Just next door is The Grille, where classic options like burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries are served late into the night. Salads, soft drinks and more are also available at this convenient stop.

Dining Hours of Operation

Meal Plan Options

Residential Students: If you're living on campus, you have what is known as the "Carte Blanche" meal plan. This means you have unlimited access when going to the IDX Dining Hall. In addition, you will get $150 of Residential Flex per semester to spend at CCM EATS. Any Residential Flex left from the Fall semester will carry over to the Spring semester (all Residential Flex expires at the end of the spring term, though).

Commuter Students: If you are living in non-traditional housing, you still have the option to purchase a "Carte Blanche" meal plan and enjoy all of the same perks as students that live in the traditional housing residences. You also have a choice of purchasing one of three types of meal plans. The Silver 30 Meal Plan includes 30 meals at the IDX Dining Hall and $100 in Flex for EATS. The Gold 50 Meal Plan includes 50 meals at the IDX Dining Hall and $200 in Flex for EATS.  The Diamond 100 Meal Plan includes 100 meals at the IDX Dining Hall and $500 in Flex for EATS.   Please contact the Compass Student Services at 802.860.2777 or compass@champlain.edu to sign up.

How Flex Works

Each student with a "Carte Blanche" meal plan receives $150 in "Resident Flex" each semester on your Champlain ID card. If you purchase on the the Block plans, your plan includes "Retail Flex" which spends the same as the "Residential Flex" and carries until the end of the Spring semester. If you do not have a Meal Plan, you may purchase "CC Cash". Go to Champlain.edu/retail-flex to find out how to add Flex to your account.

Flex is used like cash on campus in IDX and EATS. When you use your card at IDX, it will swipe against your meal plan if you have one. If you're out of guest swipes you can still bring a friend with your Flex. The systems will charge your Residential Flex first, then Retail Flex. If no Flex is available, it will charge against your CC Cash.

Meal plans swipes are not valid at EATS. Debit, credit, Flex and CC Cash are all valid payment options at EATS. Wen using our self-ordering kiosks, you must choose which flex option you have available on your ID card, Resident Flex if you have a Carte Blanche meal plan or Retail Flex if you have one of our Block Meal plan.

If you lose your Champlain ID card, your balance will carry over to a new one. However, be advised that all Flex expires at the end of the school year and is nonrefundable.