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In Business, Technology, Healthcare, Early Childhood Education, and Mediation

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Business Degrees & Certificates

Undergraduate DegreesUndergraduate CertificatesGraduate DegreeGraduate Certificates

Accounting (AS &BS)

Accounting Master in Business Administration (MBA) Advanced Management

Business Management (AS & BS)

Accounting: Advanced MS in Executive Leadership Management Studies
Integrated Studies (BS) Accounting: Cost Supply Chain Management
Accounting: Forensic
Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises
HR Management
Internet Marketing
Organizational Development
Project Management
Supply Chain Management

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Technology Degrees & Certificates

Undergraduate DegreesUndergraduate CertificatesGraduate DegreesGraduate Certificates
Computer & Information Systems (BS) C++ MS in Digital Forensic Management Digital Forensic Management
Computer Forensics & Digital Investigation (BS) Computer Forensics & Digital Investigation MS in Digital Forensic Science Digital Forensic Science
Cybersecurity (BS) Computer Networking MS in Managing Innovation & IT Managing Innovation through IT
Economic Crime Investigation (BS) Cybersecurity
Management Information Systems (BS) Java Development
Software Development (AS & BS) Linux Administration, Security & Support
Web Design & Development (AS & BS) Mobile Programming
PHP Programming
Software Development
System Administration
Visual C# Programming
Web Design
Web infrastructure
Web Programming

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Healthcare Degrees & Certificates

Undergraduate DegreesUndergraduate CertificatesGraduate DegreesGraduate Certificates
Healthcare Administration (BS) Healthcare Administration MS in Healthcare Administration Heathcare Information Systems
Health Information Technology (BS) Healthcare Quality Improvement

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Early Childhood Education Programs

Graduate DegreeGraduate Certificate
Master of Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Program Administration

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Mediation Programs

Graduate DegreeGraduate Certificate
MS in Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies Applied Conflict Studies

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