Wellbeing at Champlain CollegeMission

The Wellness Committee at Champlain College works to create a culture of wellbeing wherein all employees are encouraged to participate in diverse and holistic activities that engage, excite and empower individuals to discover paths to wellbeing. Our goal is to provide the resources, programs and community that will induce employees to be stewards of their physical, social and spiritual wellbeing while improving their overall health.


We will strengthen the bodies, minds and spirits of employees and create an environment where the challenge to "FIND YOUR WELLBEING" is embraced by all.

Current Wellbeing Events and Opportunities

Class Descriptions:

GENTLE YOGA: This class is designed for beginner through intermediate practitioners. You'll be guided through asanas (yoga postures) linked to breath, beginning with the basic poses, with an introduction to more intermediate poses for those seeking to develop a broader practice. Participants looking for a more gentle experience, those who are new to yoga or those who need a change of pace, while still having the option to take it to the next level, will find this class accessible. Also the perfect class for employees with injuries or limitations.

WalkFIT: Intervals of walk/run on The Edge indoor track with total body strength training. We use weights (1#-20#), resistance bands, balls and our body weight to gain strength, endurance and flexibility. A great way to start most any day! This class is held at The Edge on Eastwood Terrace, South Burlington.

FITNESS FOR ALL: A workout for anyone. This class is for total body strengthening and cardiovascular fitness. Every exercise can be tailored to fit your fitness journey. The class will include some bodyweight, some high intensity and some light dumbbell work.

BODYPUMPTM: the original LES MILLSTM barbell class, will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body, fast! The proven BODYPUMPTM formula: THE REP EFFECTTM, is a breakthrough in resistance workout training. Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you'll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning. NOTE: This class can also be taken with no weights, making it ideal for all fitness and ability levels!


SGT's offer the benefits of Personal Training with the motivation of a small group and a lower fee per session. Would you like a focused work-out, one that addresses your needs (back and core strength, balance, weight loss, just beginning)? Do you want individualized feedback on your health goals and your execution of the exercises? These sessions are an effective way to address specific goals in an individualized, focused session. Sign up for a demonstration class the week of 6/8, experience the format and let us know if you would like to see these groups offered.