Community Garden & Greenhouse

working in the garden

Founded in 2011, the community garden originated by request of students, faculty and staff. The community garden is located beside Rowell Annex and has 27 plots available for individual use by Champlain College community members.

2016 Garden Information and Registration Form - registrations are due April 15th.

All are welcome to attend our Garden Work Day on Wednesday, April 20th from 4:30-6:00pm. 

Champlain College Conservatory - Greenhouse

Designed and developed by the Environmental Policy Capstone Students - Spring 2016

Purpose: To create a communal and academic tool to be used and viewed by students, but can also serve as a selling point for prospective students of all majors.   


1. Academic: Teaches students about the benefits of energy efficiency, health and nutrition awareness, sustainability, aesthetic beauty, and other educational opportunities.

  • The greenhouse can be incorporated into current classes while also creating new curriculum's for associated courses like food systems and agricultural classes
  • Can even be integrated into possible landscaping courses/clubs
  • Incorporate the greenhouse into some sort of LEAD requirement
  • Academic connections with other local schools (elementary, middle, high, summer school programs)
  • Students/volunteers will be responsible for hand watering plants frequently as we will not be able to install plumbing
  • Rain barrels can be set up to collect water

2. Connect to Champlain College's mission: We want to have this greenhouse be a part of Champlain College's community because its implementation can be linked directly to the college's values. For instance, the Champlain College Sustainability Action Plan states "It is our belief that as we support students to be 21st century global citizens, they need to be well informed about sustainability concepts and practices as it relates to their field and profession. Further, we must create a campus where fully engaging in these concepts and practices is a part of life for our whole community," (Champlain College's Sustainability Value Statement). By building this greenhouse and having students maintain the organisms within it, the College community can have an opportunity to learn more about sustainability and community engagement.

  • Contributes to an aesthetically pleasing campus
  • Acts as a nursery for new plants to be placed around campus
  • Enhance undergraduate experience through academic and residential programs

3. Community Outreach Opportunities: Academic connections with other local schools (elementary, middle, high, after, and summer school programs)

Supporting Documents:

Location: Next to the Community Garden to the left of Rowell Annex

Funding: Green Revolving Fund

Conclusion: We created a greenhouse using a sustainable building approach that promotes ecological literacy and follows Champlain College's Sustainability Action Plan. We want students to get involved with hands-on environmental projects, that can further contribute to a community where inquiry and experiential learning techniques create a strong relationship between the students and the natural environment.