What We Do Now:

  • Encourage students to be mindful of their water consumption through education and sustainability challenges
  • Installation of low-flow shower heads in all residence halls
  • Modulation of boiler water temperatures
  • Regulate hot water discharge with hot water mixing valves
  • Replaced all campus washing machines with high efficiency models. See Laundry View for more information

Did you know?

Tap water is more strictly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency than bottled water is by the Food and Drug Administration.

Get Involved in Water Conservation

  • Aerial image of Burlington
    Tap into Champlain

    Producing bottled water uses vast amounts of energy and resources and creates millions of pounds of waste. Here in Burlington, we are fortunate that Lake Champlain provides us with clean, healthy drinking water (which is far less expensive than bottled water). Most buildings at Champlain have water fountains or water refill stations.


  • Stop the leak!

    A leaky faucet can waste over 200 gallons of water a year! Put in a SchoolDude work order if you find a leak.

  • Keep Your Showers Short

    If you reduced your daily shower time by just 1 minute, you could save 900 gallons of water per year. By reducing time in the shower, you’ll conserve both water and energy to heat the water.

  • Brushing Break

    Do not leave the faucet running while brushing your teeth, shaving or doing dishes. You can save up to 64 cups of clean drinkable water just by turning off the tap while brushing.