Sustainability in Transportation

We work closely with the Chittenden Area Transportation Management Association (CATMA) along with a couple of other local organizations to make sustainable transportation a viable option for all college affiliates. Through free options and discounted options, getting around campus and the community doesn’t require owning a vehicle!

Did you know?

In 2020, Green Mountain Transit and Burlington Electric Department teamed up with state and local officials, introducing new electric buses to service the greater Burlington area as an effort to help reduce carbon emissions in Burlington and Chittenden County.

Get Involved in Sustainable Transportation

  • a green mountain transit bus parked at the burlington bus station
    Ride for FREE

    Champlain students, staff, and faculty can ride the local city buses for FREE! Bus service on the GMT can get you downtown, to the airport and beyond. Simply bring your Champlain College ID. Schedules are available at

  • Bicycling

    Burlington is a bike-friendly town, with many bike paths and designated lanes. When riding your bike please remember to obey all traffic laws, wear a helmet and always lock your bike securely to a rack. You will also see the blue Bird bikes around town which can be rented for a quick trip and left at your destination (so long as it is not impeding access or on private property).

  • Pedestrian Friendly

    Most of Burlington can be easily accessed on foot. Walking is a great way to get around campus as well as downtown. If on a board, please wear your helmet and note the areas that do not allow skateboarding!

  • Office of Transportation & Parking

    Our office works to further the Champlain College mission of sustainability by promoting eco-friendly transportation options through our programming and resource sharing. Learn more about your options!