Campus Waste Management Initatives

  • Post signage by every waste bin system on campus to help folks sort
  • Annual Trash Bash and Recycling Rally to sort through waste streams and see how well campus is sorting
  • Uphold the Vermont State single-use products law (effective July 1, 2020) on plastic bags, plastic straws, and plastic stirrers
  • Educational events, especially after Vermont banned putting ‘compostable plastics’ in the compost stream
  • Paper Towel Compost Collection in buildings without hand-dryers in bathrooms
  • Recycled content toilet paper and paper towels used throughout campus, as part of the Power of Three program
  • Recycled-content can liners used for trash and recycling bins
  • Encourage purchase of 30-100% recycled-content office paper

Did you know?

We replaced and recycled 150 mattresses this summer as part of our annual replacement program. Sleepwell Recycling, founded by a Champlain alum, carefully deconstructs the mattresses and recycles ALL of the parts. We even recycled 35 pounds of plastic mattress bags!

Get Involved in Recycling & Composting

  • Labeled trashcans with informative examples above
    Separation Guidelines

    We strive to reduce waste in a variety of ways. Take the time to learn what goes where, and then sort it out.

    You can now recycle film-plastic at key locations around campus. Think plastic bags, bread bags, little bags that things come wrapped in, Amazon bubble mailers etc. Look for the white recycling bins beside the Mail Center, Fireside Lounge and Lakeside stair tower!

    Our collective efforts are making a difference!

    Separation Guidelines
  • Move Out Program

    Whether you’re a student moving out of your residence hall or apartment or you’re a Champlain College employee moving out of an office, our Move Out Program gives you tips and tricks about how to save money, donate usable items, and be more mindful during move-out!

  • Swap Shop

    The Swap Shop aims to provide a welcoming forum for members of our campus community to donate, exchange, and take home items free of charge. Learn more and get a list of allowed donation items.

  • Other Ways to Do Your Part

    Other campus recycling efforts that you can contribute to are:

    • Beverage Discounts for BYO-Mug ($.50-$1 discounts at the Campus Store)
    • Book collection program, partnering with Better World Books
    • Reduce plastic waste by using a refillable water bottle.