These committees are primarily charged with working towards the campus’s 2030 Strategic Goal 6.5: Champlain will model its commitment to sustainability through efficient facilities and operations management and will make progress toward carbon neutrality. Committee members will reach out to collaborating departments when needed. Key Staff/College Personnel will be asked to participate with a committee that requires their expertise on an as-needed basis.

All committees are charged with exploring how to better incorporate aspects of diversity and inclusion into their committee’s content area. For example, the following questions might be asked: Who does this work effect/impact? Is any particular group of people impacted more or less? How can we better diversify the stakeholders involved? Are all members of the Champlain community included and do they feel comfortable with this work?

Sustainability Committees


Charge: To implement the 2013 Transportation Plan and to continue finding ways of reducing single-occupancy vehicle travel to/from campus. To work with our transportation partner, CATMA, on these goals. If you have any transportation questions or ideas, please email them along.

Sustainable Initiatives Fund

Charge: to advise and manage the College’s Sustainable Initiatives Fund, a fund that finances energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability projects on campus.

Campus Sustainability Operations Team

Charge: to bring operational staff together to discuss campus sustainability efforts; collaborate and connect to demonstrate an integrated approach to campus sustainability.

Interested in joining a Sustainability Committee?

Membership and meetings are open to the Champlain community. Committees meet several times over the semester and are supported by the Sustainability Coordinator.

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