Purchasing at Champlain College

Purchasing is a large topic within sustainability, and we are continually working on ways to purchase with sustainability and ethics in mind. We work directly with operations managers, WB Mason, and other campus affiliates to make sustainable options available and affordable.

An ongoing conversation around sustainable purchasing is for Champlain College swag. If you attend an Admitted Students Day event or any other large scale event on campus, you will likely see fun giveaways and raffle prizes. We are making sure we are staying conscious of the impact associated with what we give away while still making branded goodies available.

Another purchasing project is reducing, or even eliminating, the use of balloons on campus. Helium is going through a shortage and is needed for life-saving medical devices like MRIs. Meanwhile, single-use balloons often find their way into waterways (like Lake Champlain) and end up in the stomachs of animals. To help with this, we are researching more sustainable decorating methods!

Sustainable Initiatives Fund

Did you know?

Did you know that virgin paper emits roughly 30% more greenhouse gas than recycled pulp paper? That is why we encourage campus to purchase paper with recycled content!

Get Involved in Ecologically Mindful Purchasing

  • champlain college student shopping in the campus store
    Reduce Waste

    There are lots of ways to reduce waste when purchasing items for yourself.

    • Bring your own reusable bags when shopping.
    • Purchase items that use minimal packaging and/or purchase in bulk.
    • Purchase durable and reusable products rather than disposable single-use items.
  • New to You

    Shop at local second-hand and thrift stores. Buying second hand keeps items out of the landfill and conserves natural resources.

  • Purchase Fair-Trade Products

    Fair-trade certified products pay producers a fair price and promote strong social and environmental standards.

  • BYO-Mug

    Save trees and money. Many cafés offer discounts for using your own mug. Our Sodexo-run Starbucks offers a discount for bringing your own mug when you order!