The Office of Sustainability and the student Eco-Reps designed the Green Office Certification to recognize Champlain employees’ efforts in creating a more environmentally friendly work space.

There are two levels, Basic and Platinum. (Platinum increases in difficulty and points.) By evaluating all the actions that apply to you and your individual workspace, you can reach Basic or Platinum Certification based on your responses to applicable questions, and thereby receive increasing levels of acknowledgment. (Platinum level requires a brief visit from an Eco-Rep.)

    1. Test Your Trash Literacy  and then get the waste separation guidelines
    2. Use a Keurig?  Order Your KCup Recovery Boxes
    3. Have a copier/printer? Bring your used up toners to Champ Support in Rowell Annex.
    4. Set all computers to double-sided, black & white printing as the default setting
    5. Continue to cut down on paper by digitizing
    6. Send all reusable packing material to the mailroom to be reused
    7. Receive items in plastic bags or film wrap? Recycle that plastic in the designated bins by the Mail Center, in Fireside Lounge, and in the Lakeside stairwell
    8. Have office supplies you no longer need? Contact us and we can advise on where to send them.
    9. Host events? Follow these suggestions to make them more eco-friendly
    10. Got Junk Mail? Stop unwanted mail by using CatalogChoice
    1. Reduce single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips by utilizing our many transportation options
    2. Get a departmental membership with CarShare Vermont
    1. Turn lights off at end of day
    2. Enable sleep mode on all copiers, printers, and fax machines, and make sure they are turned off at end of day
    3. Put monitors, printers, and other accessories on a power strip/surge protector. When this equipment is not in use for extended periods, such as overnight, make sure the power strip is turned off
    4. If problems exist regarding overheating or overcooling of office space, submit a SchoolDude work request to Physical Plant to report issue
    5. Shut all windows tightly during cold and hot weather.  Where possible, lower storm windows in the winter
    6. Shut window blinds to trap heat and keep out the cold during the winter, and to trap in cold and keep out heat in the summer
    7. Enforce the College policy that does not allow the use of personal space heaters at desks
    1. Create an ordering system that minimizes the number of office supply deliveries to your office to twice per month or less
    2. Have a centralized location to store office supplies so that they can be shared between teammates
    3. For printing and copying, purchase paper with at least 30% post-consumer recycled content (which is our best priced paper anyway)
    4. When purchasing office supplies through WBMason, search for products with recycled-content material
    5. Order fair trade and/or organic coffee, tea, and chocolate
    6. If we do giveaways from our office/department, we consider selecting items that are practical, recycled, or organic content—or give the gift of an experience! See this list for specific suggestions.
    1. Have clearly marked recycling, compost, and trash bins such as in kitchens, break rooms, conference rooms, mailrooms, and copy rooms.
    2. Use reusable plates, cups, and silverware (along with a means to wash them)
    3. Do not supply disposable cups near water filtration units or water coolers. If you do supply them, ensure that they can be recycled or composted (depending on material) and appropriate bins are located in that area
    1. Use a reusable water bottle and make use of the water bottle filling stations around campus
    2. Report water leaks by submitting a SchoolDude work order
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