The apiary received establishment funding from the Vermont Community Foundation and from a private donation from the family of a student. The Class of 2013 sustained this project and ensured the long-term stability of the campus apiary by covering the costs of annual maintenance, continued programming, and, everyone’s favorite, producing honey. The Senior Class Gift left a lasting legacy by giving ownership of the apiary to Champlain students and by providing the opportunity for future generations of students to work with, learn through, and benefit from the bees.

Thank you to the Vermont Community Foundation and the private donors who realized the promise of this endeavor, and a special thanks to the Senior Class of 2013, whose continued sponsorship ensures that the apiary will be enjoyed by many Champlain students in the future. It is the generosity of these students, parents, and organization that have made this living laboratory possible.

Interested in supporting the apiary?

Contact the Apiary Manager, Kristin Wolf at or the Office of Institutional Advancement to discuss options. Thank you!

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