A Zero Waste Event is any one-time program, occasion, or event that diverts the waste generated by at least 90%. This is accomplished by composting and recycling most of the waste from the event, and reducing waste before and during the event. Together with Sustain Champlain, the Conference and Event Center, and Dining Services, we work with event planners to make events Zero Waste. This work also supports Vermont’s Act 148- The Universal Recycling Law.

Helpful terms:

  • Waste Reduction: Strategies to reduce total waste generation (garbage, recycling, and compost).
  • Waste Diversion: Diverting materials from the landfill by recycling, composting, reusing, donating or re-selling.

Zero Waste Event Planning

Event planners have devoted thought and time to minimizing the waste that will be produced at the event. A few ways that the waste will be minimized may include:

  1. Using products with minimal packaging, utilizing reusable and durable items, and utilizing compostable and recyclable-only products
  2. Serving appropriate food portions to avoid food waste
  3. Utilizing electronic tools for promotion, information, and registration instead of print materials
  4. Providing food that contains locally-sourced ingredients, hosting the event in a space with natural light, and encouraging attendees to use bicycles or public transit to get to the event.