The SMART Space and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion teamed up to bring students three tips for managing your time as we transition to our remote instruction period, spanning between Thanksgiving and winter breaks.

Marguerite Leek from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Heidi St. Peter from SMART Space recommned keeping these three things in mind as you head into the remote instruction period:

  1. Time management = priority management
  2. Time management = better boundaries
  3. Time management at home starts with managing things NOW!

They also want to clarify what time management isn’t:

  • Inflexible scheduled time
  • A schedule that includes everything you must do
  • No fun! No spontaneity!

And let you know what time management is:

  • Finding time to do what you want and need to do…remotely
  • Living thoughtfully…at home
  • Allowing you to have some control over what you can control…at home

1. Time management is about managing your priorities.

As Oprah Winfrey once said, “How you spend your time defines who you are.” Consider your time here at college. Take a few moments to consider:

  • What are three priorities of your life here at Champlain?
  • Do you have a routine here? Wake up/sleep/exercise/eat?
  • What parts of your routines and priorities do you NOT want to give up when you go home?
  • What are you worried you’ll have to give up?

2. Time management allows you to create—and stick to!—better boundaries.

Setting boundaries is an act of love towards yourself and an act of respect towards others.

Lisa Oliver

Be sure to set boundaries for both yourself and your housemates/family. You can do this best by communicating with your housemates, creating a dedicated workspace for yourself, and being flexible and patient.

3. Remember, time management at home starts today.

What steps can you take today to make your workflow better tomorrow? Take a moment to assess:

  • What is expected of you during the remote instruction period? What’s on your plate? Think about your class time, assignments, group projects, etc.
  • Look ahead, plan ahead
  • Get your resources together 
  • Access supports at home. Many of the supports offered in-person on the Champlain campus are also offered virtually. Reach out to the different offices and departments at Champlain to find out what is available for you to take advantage of!

You can do this!

We know fall semester has been different and difficult to navigate. Let’s end it strong so you can enjoy some well-deserved time off this winter break.

Kaylee Sullivan