Champlain College was selected as the Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Program in this year’s SC Magazine Excellence Awards. Champlain is a nationally recognized leader in cybersecurity and digital forensics education, providing a career-focused, industry-specific curriculum to develop successful cybersecurity professionals.  

“Recent cybersecurity breaches and emerging threats have amplified demand for skilled cyber professionals. Meeting this need requires hands-on cybersecurity and digital forensics education to arm the next generation of professionals against dynamic threats,” said Dr. Benjamin Ola. Akande, President, Champlain College. “Our approach is proven—in 2019, 100% of our on-campus Computer Networking & Cybersecurity graduates were employed in the field within six months. Our online Master of Science in Information Security is our fastest growing online program and students are making huge career gains as a result of their studies. I want to extend my appreciation to our dynamic faculty who bring a wealth of personal passion and indispensable, real-world experience to their teaching.” 

In non-Covid times Champlain sends its cybersecurity and digital forensics students to industry conferences across the country. Pictured here: Champlain students attending the Women in Cybersecurity Conference, which brings together women in cybersecurity from academia, research, and industry to share knowledge, experience, networking, and mentoring.

Champlain offers more than 14 cybersecurity and computer forensics degrees and certificates, and constantly evolves its on-campus, online and graduate degree programs to align with industry trends. Its digital investigation courses meet criteria established by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the college is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CDE) by the NSA.  

“We’re responsible for tomorrow’s cyber workforce. Our courses are taught and developed by active cyber practitioners, exposing students to real-world experiences, current tools and crucial considerations, like ethics,” said Kathleen Hyde, MCIS, MBA, Chair of Cybersecurity Programs for Champlain College Online.

“Because Champlain College’s students dive right into their programs, they receive more training and are fully prepared to start developing professional risk management plans as soon as they enter the field,” says SC Magazine in their award announcement.

Champlain’s programs for developing workforce-ready students include the Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity. The learning laboratory provides government, business, and nonprofit clients with world-class cybersecurity and digital investigation services and gives undergraduate students tangible experience through actual investigations and threat mitigation strategies.

When he was the Director of the FBI, James Comey joined Senator Patrick Leahy on a tour of The Leahy Center for Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity (known as the LCDI at the time), and spoke about the urgent need for Champlain’s award-winning cybersecurity and digital forensics programs.

“The Leahy Center for Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity is an example of our award-winning approach to experiential learning in action. The Center operates as a central hub for digital forensics and cybersecurity research, resources, and professional development opportunities,” says Adam Goldstein, Computer Networking & Cybersecurity Program Director, and Executive Director of the Leahy Center at Champlain College.

Champlain is also committed to the broader cybersecurity community by supporting STEM education programs at the grade school level. “Establishing the cyber pipeline starts before college,” says Goldstein. “To build a more diverse and robust generation of professionals, we engage younger students through high school residency programs, the CyberTech Awareness Program, and the NSA-sponsored Gen-Cyber Teacher Program, which trains middle and high school teachers to include cybersecurity in their lesson plans.”

Duane Dunston, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity at Champlain, runs a Cyberpatriots workshop on campus for 11–18 year olds and their families.

Now in its 24th year, SC Awards is recognized as the industry gold standard of accomplishment for cybersecurity professionals, products and services. Award winners are determined by an expert panel of judges with extensive knowledge, experience, and outstanding leadership in the cybersecurity industry. 

As one of the first colleges in the country to offer bachelor’s degrees for both traditional on-campus and online adult learners, Champlain has a deep history of cutting-edge cybersecurity education. Visit our main sites to learn more about Champlain’s on-campus or online cybersecurity programs.


Champlain Media Team

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