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Division of Education & Human Studies

Encompassing many career options, the majors in the Division of Education & Human Studies attract students who care about others: the born educator, the team player, the advocate for justice. You'll be making a difference in the world years before you graduate, through extensive field opportunities in schools, community organizations, government agencies, and other real-world settings. 

Champlain's online Master's in Early Childhood Education program is the natural next step if you aim to elevate your education career with an M.Ed.—even while you work full-time.

Undergraduate Majors

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BS in Criminal Justice

This exciting major immerses you in the field’s full range of possibilities and covers a spectrum of criminal justice topics—from lab-based forensics on blood and DNA samples to family violence and related systems of social services and support. Learn the fundamental principles needed in all criminal justice professions.

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BS in Education

As a student in Champlain's Education major, you'll begin work in your chosen area of focus during your first year. Our holistic approach to teacher education will equip you to teach in a variety of educational settings with a focus in one of three areas:

Early Childhood / Elementary Education

With this focus, you'll have many hands-on experiences working in a diverse range of local early childhood and elementary school classrooms. You'll complete supervised field experiences in early childhood and elementary schools that relate to each semester's coursework, and then spend the final semester of your senior year student teaching under the support and direction of a classroom teacher and a Champlain instructor.

Middle School Teacher Education

You'll start your first semester by gaining a solid foundation in adolescent psychology and learning theory. We prepare you to handle the challenges of teaching middle school so you can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career teaching future generations. And you'll graduate eligible for Vermont licensure endorsement in both Middle School English Language Arts and Middle School Social Studies with the flexibility to teach grades 5-9.

Secondary Teacher Education

You'll take classes in adolescent psychology and learning theory, and spend time in local high schools starting in your first semester. You'll graduate eligible for licensure in either English Language Arts or Social Studies in the State of Vermont, and you'll have the flexibility to teach grades 7-12. You also will have the option to apply for a middle school endorsement (grades 5-9). 

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BS in Environmental Studies & Policy

Take action to improve our earth's future; this program is focused on the policies, tools, and human behaviors that affect the environment. Learn how to interpret statistics and environmental science, manage resources and waste, and drive policy changes.

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BA in Law

One of only two Bachelor of Arts Law programs in the country, this major provides exceptional versatility after graduation and features courses not usually encountered in undergraduate pre-law or legal studies programs. Each professor teaching Law at Champlain possesses a Juris Doctor degree, and the classes deliver a highly analytical education in subjects such as criminal law, contract law, evidence, civil procedure, legal ethics, and constitutional law.

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BS in Psychology

Career-focused and experiential, this eminently practical and diverse major allows you to customize your psychology studies toward specific applications in the professional world. In addition to learning major psychological concepts and techniques, you will also apply your understanding of human behavior to solve real-world problems in varied contexts. Upper level classes include professional and/or research internships to gain invaluable field experience.

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BSW in Social Work

Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), this ambitious and broad-based major is grounded in a social justice framework which will prepare you for change efforts with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations. You will graduate with the professional knowledge, values, and skills of generalist practice from a local to global perspective, along with over 400 hours of direct field experience gained through your senior internship.

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