Study Abroad

We strongly encourage our students in the School of Social Innovation to take a semester of international study for a number of reasons.

  • As an SSI major, your work in helping people will be deeply enriched by a global perspective.
  • By studying abroad, you will come to appreciate the nuances of other cultures and how critical it is to be sensitive to them, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Through study abroad, you'll also become a more globally engaged citizen based on your exposure to an array of international issues.

These are just a few examples—the personal growth that comes from a semester immersed in another country can't always be quantified.

International Options

You have the option to study abroad at one of our Champlain Abroad campuses during your junior year, in either Dublin, Ireland, or Montreal, Canada. At our Dublin campus, all students in the SSI take a service learning class, in which they complete a field placement in Irish schools or nonprofit organizations. If you study at the Champlain Abroad Montreal campus, you may be able to participate in a field-based internship. The staff and faculty at both international Champlain campuses will work with you to find a student placement that fits around your academic schedule, giving you a unique multi-cultural perspective into school systems and community agencies abroad.

Alternatively, you can take a semester studying nearly anywhere in the world, including Argentina, China, Italy, New Zealand, and Scotland. Students in the School of Social Innovation have previously studied abroad in Australia, Bolivia, Italy, Nepal, Spain, Thailand, and Wales.

Students in the School of Social Innovation have the opportunity to enroll into a four-week international internship course and are encouraged to be involved with international service through the School of Innovation International Service Travel Voucher program.

Working closely with your Program Director, you will be able to accommodate a semester abroad—which could include an international internship—while satisfying all of the required coursework for your major.