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Get out of your classes—and into a local classroom.

As a teacher education major at Champlain, you'll be spending time in a local school beginning in your first year. This early experience gives you a head start in building the skills and experience to launch your teaching career with confidence.

The first-year exploration provided by our Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to ensure you're on the right path. By working with various age groups and populations early on, you'll discover where your strengths and interests are—and will have more time to further develop your interests while you're in college. 

When you declare your major, you'll choose a focus from the options below. 

Early Education

Early Childhood/Elementary

Teach the youngest members of society. As an Education student with a focus in Early Childhood/Elementary, you'll help the next generation develop a lifelong love of learning. By the end of your first semester, you'll be gaining real-world experience in a real classroom. Learn more...

Middle Grades Education

Middle Grades

Foster positive development at a time when there is rapid intellectual and emotional development, as students develop new ideas, find their passions, and discover their local and global communities. In your first year as an Education student with a focus in Middle Grades, you'll accumulate more than 30 hours in the field! Learn more...

Secondary Education

Secondary (High School)

Serve as both a role model and a leader during a pivotal time for students, where they are cementing their identities and interests. You'll gain more than 30 hours of experience in a real classroom during your first year, and you can tailor your education with a concentration. Learn more...

Educator and student

Education Concentrations

With a concentration in Literature or Educational Technology, you can explore the specific interests that will put you on your desired career path, making you more marketable. 

Select Your Focus of Interest to Learn About Concentrations:

Early Childhood/Elementary

Middle Grades

Secondary (High School)

Teacher in classroom

Subject Endorsements

Upon graduating from Champlain, students in Early Childhood/Elementary and Middle Grades will be qualified for a dual-licensure endorsement. Secondary (High School) students can be recommended for licensure to teach grades 7-12, and/or grades 5-9 (with some additional course work).

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