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A Not-So-General Education

Typical general education programs teach facts about one discipline at a time — history or psychology for example. But here at Champlain, our Core Curriculum connects a variety of subjects to encourage reasoning, critical thinking and curiosity. Through project-based research, you’ll practice how to explore the various aspects of any issue— the historical facts, the psychology and culture of the people involved — and learn how to recognize influences beyond the obvious.

We know that technical proficiency isn’t enough. You need the ability to ask the right questions and communicate effectively — skills to engage the world around you with empathy and integrity.

Semester after semester, our Core curriculum builds upon itself, equipping you with these human superpowers to not only help you land your first job but also drive your long-term success. That’s how we want our students to be when they cross the stage at graduation: Ready for the workplace, yes, but also ready for the world.

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How does Core work?

First Year

The focus of the first year is to help you acclimate to college life and spark your curiosity. Core classes during this year are designed to ease the transition to college and build a strong foundation for academic success.

Second Year

In your second year, you’ll explore the history and social influences that shape your perspectives. You’ll investigate topics of personal interest, developing new mindsets and ways of thinking.

Third Year

Committed to cultural exploration, in your third year you’ll have the opportunity to experience cultures different from your own by participating in a study abroad or in the local Burlington community.

Fourth Year

In your fourth year, you’ll focus on your passions and what matters most to you. You’ll work on your capstone project, bringing together the knowledge and skills you’ve gained in your core courses and chosen major.

My technical classes were great, but it was in my core classes where I discovered a knack for weaving together seemingly disconnected information into comprehensive understanding.
Megg Daudelin
Megg Daudelin, ’12 Computer & Digital Forensics BS , ’16 Digital Forensic Management MS
Core touched on a lot of topics that made me challenge my own beliefs and learn about how my actions impact those around me. In the end, it’s made me think in a more global and open-minded way that I can now apply into my field.
Caitlin Allen
Caitlin Allen, Computer Networking & Cybersecurity Major

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