Integrative Professional Studies Learning Outcomes

Develop specific knowledge and skills by creating your own major at Champlain College.

Champlain's Degree Design Lab blends some of Champlain's greatest strengths. It encourages innovative thinking, creative problem-solving, and experiential learning in the context of career development. Students in this program are assessed based on demonstrated competency in a variety of areas—many of which will be dependent on the student's chosen academic threads.

In addition to academically specific learning outcomes, all students who graduate with a major in Integrative Professional Studies will be able to:

  • demonstrate professional expertise in their chosen fields of study, as well as the agility to apply their expertise across and between multiple professional contexts;
  • recognize and apply appropriate interdisciplinary and integrative strategies for solving complex problems;
  • contextualize "professionalism" and the professions within broader social and cultural conditions;
  • apply critical judgement that is predicated on asking good questions and recognizing the value of diverse perspectives; and
  • demonstrate proficiency in each of the Champlain College competencies.